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P>Threedimensional (3D) integration is identified as a possible avenue for continuous performance growth in integrated circuits (IC) as the conventional scaling approach is faced with unprecedented challenges in fundamental and economic limits. Wafer level 3D IC can take several forms and they usually include a stack of several thinned IC layers that are vertically bonded and interconnected by through silicon via TSV. /P>P>There is a long string of benefits that one can derive from 3D IC implementation such as form factor density multiplication improved delay and power enhanced bandwidth and heterogeneous integration. This book presents contributions by key researchers in this field covering motivations technology platforms applications and other design issues. /P>P>P>3D Integration Technology Introduction and OverviewI>Chuan Seng Tan KuanNeng Chen and Steven J. Koester/I>A Systems Perspective on 3D Integration: What is 3D? And What is 3D Good For?I>Phil Emma and Eren Kursun/I>Wafer Bonding TechniquesI>Bioh Kim Thorsten Matthias Viorel Dragoi Markus Wimplinger and Paul Lindner/I>TSV EtchingI>Paul Werbaneth/I>TSV FillingI>Arthur Keigler/I>3D Technology Platform: Temporary Bonding and ReleaseI>Mark Privett /I>3D Technology Platform: Wafer Thinning Stress Relief and Thin Wafer HandlingI>Scott Sullivan/I>Advanced DietoWafer 3D Integration Platform: SelfAssembly TechnologyI>Takafumi Fukushima KangWook Lee Tetsu Tanaka and Mitsumasa Koyanagi/I>Advanced Direct Bond TechnologyI>Paul Enquist/I>Surface Modification Bonding at Low Temperature for ThreeDimensional HeteroIntegration I>Akitsu Shigetou/I>Through Silicon Via Implementation in CMOS Image Sensor ProductI>Xavier Gagnard and Nicolas Hotellier/I>A 300mm WaferLevel ThreeDimensional Integration Scheme Using Tungsten Through Silicon Via and Hybrid CuAdhesive Bonding I>Fei Liu/I>Power Delivery in 3D IC Technology with a Stratum Having an Array of Monolithic DCDC PointofLoad (PoL) Converter CellsI>Ron Rutman and Jian Sun/I>ThermalAware 3D IC Designs I>Xiaoxia Wu Yuan Xie and Vijaykirshnan Narayanan/I>3D IC Design Automation Considering Dynamic Power and Thermal IntegrityI>Hao Yu and Xiwei Huang/I>Outlook I>Ya Lan/I>P>3D integration is expected to deliver performance improvement and functional enhancement in future integrated circuits and systems. This book covers a wide range of 3D integration topics authored by an impressive selection of experts. This is a great reference source for everyone following this promising technology.Prof. L. Rafael Reif Provost and Maseeh Professor of Emerging Technology MIT USA

Data Publikacji: 2011-10-04
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