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Kymet Tunca Alyurt


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divThis book provides a platform for discussing the challenges that organizations face in order to implement sustainability ethics and effective corporate governance all of which are important elements of standing outŁ from other companies. Examining the background of the New European Consensus on development with the new guiding motto śOur World Our Dignity Our Future the authors explore how this new legislation on sustainability issues around the world is forcing companies to deal directly with sustainability issues. :/divdivbr/divdivThe 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2030 Agenda) adopted by the United Nations in September 2015 is the international communitys response to global challenges and trends in connection with sustainable development. With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at its core the 2030 Agenda is a transformative political framework designed to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development globally. It balances the economic social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development including the key issues of governance and peaceful and inclusive societies and recognizes the essential interlinkages between its goals and targets i.e. that they must be implemented as a whole and not selectively. The respective chapters in this volume raise a number of questions regarding companies ability to implement sustainability ethics and effective corporate governance. Simultaneously they explore how organizations must adapt to sustainabilityrelated developments./divdivbrPart I OVERVIEWdivNew Researches from Different Cultures Different Sectors on CSR Sustainability Kymet alyurt TURKEY :/divdivPART II WOMEN AND ACCOUNTABILITY :/divdivChapter/divdivGender Inclusion in Higher Education and Unemployment Trends in Kosovo Aliu Luljeta But Dedaj Mjellma Carabregu KOSOVA/divdivChapter :/divdivProperty inheritance by women in Kosovo Simeana Beshi KOSOVA/divdivChapter/divdivWomen Rights For Sustainable Business And Entrepreneurship: Case From Balkan Area Kymet alyurt TURKEY/divdivChapter :/divdivCultural Profiles And Assertiveness of Women In Bulgarian Sustainable Business Environment Milen Baltov Diana Sabotinova BULGARIA/divdivNEW APPROACHES IN CSR & ACCOUNTABILITY/divdivChapter/divdivIndian Banking Scenario and SBI MegaMerger Renu Jatana Mehjabeen Barodawala INDIA :/divdivChapter/divdivCSR In Bulgaria: Perspectives And Possibilities Diana Kopeva Nikolay Sterev Dimitar Blagoev BULGARIA/divdivChapter/divdivThe Protection Of Human Rights In Kosovo As A Factor In Development Of The Country Halim Bajraktari KOSOVA/divdivPART III NEW APPROACHES IN SUSTAINABILITY/divdivChapter/divdivSustainable Development in India: A Case Study Of Vedanta Renu Jatana Mehjabeen Barodawala INDIA/divdivChapter/divdivImplementation of Lean Management: sustainability in the Construction industry: The case of Brazilian companies Alberto Eduardo Besser Freitag Osvaldo Luiz Gon

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