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'''/'''This book compiles the latest research on the A1 and A2 forms of cow milk and attempts to show a :correlation between the type of cow milk consumption and reported incidence of certain diseases (type 1 diabetes mellitus cardiovascular diseases sudden infant death syndrome and neurological disorders). :Cow milk generally contains two types of casein A1 or A2. :The book describes the A1/A2 hypothesis its foundation and the genetics behind it. It discusses the two forms of milk and why one is considered more harmful than the other. '/'''Seeking to provide a balanced view of the milk types the books initial chapters highlight the structure function and physiological activity of :casomorphins. Subsequent sections describe the health concerns associated with A1 milk and the various case studies and research surrounding it. In turn the arguments against the hypothesis put forward by EFSA American Nutritionists and Truswell are also highlighted. '/'''The book does not make any recommendations for dairy consumers: rather it is a collection of essential data both in favour and against the hypothesis. Further mechanistic studies involving welldesigned animal and human trials at the cellular molecular biochemical and immunological levels will be needed in order to draw sound conclusions. Overall the hypothesis is fascinating and possibly significant. However verified and authenticated research with reproducible results is needed to make final consumer recommendations. This timely book offers a valuable resource for researchers and students of dairy science as well as industry experts.'/''br'<'b'1. Cow Milk'/b''div'1.1 :Introduction to Cow Milk'/div''div'1.2 Cow milk proteins'/div''div'1.3 Cow milk caseins'/div''div'1.4 :Casein Derived Bioactive Peptides'/div''div'1.5 :Caseins Variants'/div''div' :  : 1.5.1 : :Frequency of Casein (A1/A2 ) Variants in Cows'/div''div' :  : 1.5.2 : :Methods of Screening Casein (A1/A2 ) variants'/div''div''br''/div''div'2. :'b'A1/A2 Cow Milk Hypothesis'/b''/div''div'2.1 :Introduction to A1/A2 Milk Hypothesis'/div''div'2.2 :Foundation A1/A2 Milk Hypothesis'/div''div'2.3 :Genetics of A1/A2 Milk Hypothesis'/div''div'2.4 :Evidences Supporting Hypothesis'br' :  : 2.4.1 :Ecological Case Controls Animal Studies'/div''div' :  : 2.4.2 :Biochemical Mechanism'/div''div' :  : 2.4.3 :Pharmacological Activity'/div''div' :  : 2.4.4 :Consumer Experiences'/div''div'2.5 :Commercialization of Casein Protein Variants'/div''div''br''/div''div'3. :'b'Casomorphins I (Properties)'/b''/div''div'3.1'b' :'/b'Structure of Casomorphins'/div''div'3.2 :Types of Casomorphins'/div''div'3.3 :Production of Casomorphins'/div''div' :  :3.3.1 :Milk'/div''div' :  :3.3.2 Infant Formula'/div''div' :  :3.3.3 Cheese'/div''div' :  :3.3.4 Fermented milk'/div''di

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