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This book addresses the rising concept of 21st century societal marketing which entails that marketers should fulfill the needs of their target group in ways that enhance the wellbeing of a society as a whole. In the past social responsibility and corporate ethics may not have been the key elements of corporate and business strategy. However in the last decade the picture has changed dramatically. Consumers are more concerned about ethical issues and the effects of business activities on the environment and the society. The impact and importance of ethical consumerism is escalating. The consumers are more attentive and expect companies promote their ethical credentials in order to make them more accountable of their actions. This book also reveals how companies should realize that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not an illustration of corporate altruism but a source of opportunity and competitive advantage. Finding and following social initiatives as a part of the key business model is proved to be one of the competitive strengths in many instances. This book covers different issues related to ethics social responsibility and sustainability in marketing and presents different cases and applications from different countries. Together with the best practices each case and research is expected to shed light on how to improve the role of marketing in helping to the development and wellbeing'div'1Overview'br''/div''div'Ipek AltinbasakFarina and Sebnem Burnaz'/div''div''br''/div''div'PART IEthics in Marketing'/div''div'2The Politics of Purchasing: Ethical Consumerism in Turkey'/div''div'Abdulkadir Ozturk Sima Nart and Remzi Altunisik'/div''div''br''/div''div'3Spark Emotions to Intensify Ethical Sensitivity'/div''div'H. Eser Borak'/div''div''br''/div''div'4Competitive Deviance from Ethicality: A Focus on Online Settings'/div''div'Gozde Nur Kazazoglu Sahin A. Bengi Ozcivan and Sebnem Burnaz'/div''div''br''/div''div'5Ethics in Sustainabilty Marketing'/div''div'Canan Madran'/div''div''br''/div''div'PART IISocial Responsibility in Marketing'/div''div'6Consumer Perceptions and Responsiveness towards Corporate Social Responsibility Activities: A Sectoral Outlook'/div'Hatice Aydin'div''br''/div''div'7Analyzing the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Perception on Organizational Identification from Employee Perspective :'/div''div'Halil Emre Akbas Serdar Bozkurt Sadiye Oktay and Semih Yilmazer'/div''div''br''/div''div'8The Contribution of the UNGC to Develop CSR Strategies in Higher Education Industry: A Case Study'/div''div'Gresi Sanje and Eser Levi'/div''div''br''/div''div'9Psychological Barriers to Environmentally Responsible Consumption'/div''div'Inci Dursun'/div''div''br''/div''div'10Corporate Social Responsibility In Packaging: Environmental and Social Issues'/div''div'Meltem Kiygi Calli'/div''div''br''/div''div'11A Study on the Impact of Mandatory Provisions on CSR Strategies of Indian Companies :'/div''div'Supriti Mishra and Garge

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