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Industrial Problems and Solutions Within a Reliability Context: Keynote Paper. The Importance of Reliability in Health and Safety. Data Collection and Analysis. Expert Opinion in Probabilistic Safety Assessment. A Method for Identification and Tracing of Potential Incident Causes in Process Industry. The Compatibility of Reliability Models with the Underlying Data Structure. An Electronic Component Reliability Database. Mechanical Reliability. The Reliability Assessment of Offshore Structures Under the Influence of Fatigue Crack Growth. Statistical Approaches to Fatigue Crack Growth Models. Predicting Pipeline Reliability Using Discriminant Analysis. Aspects of Mechanical System Reliability. Human Factors. Human Factors Analysis of Automation Requirements A Methodology for Allocating Functions. Minimising the Cause of Human Error. Achieving Consistency in the Use of Human Factors Analytic Methods for Reliability Assessment. System Simulation. Interval and Bayesian Availability Modelling. Monte Carlo Simulation Applied to Power System Reliability Evaluation. Fault Tree Uncertainty Analysis Using a Monte Carlo Method. System Availability. System Availability Synthesis. A Software System for ARMCO Simulation of Conceptual Plant. Power Generation Systems Availability Maintainability Assessment. Software Reliability. Static Analysis A Technique for Software Verification. Notes on the Security of Programming Languages. Software Correct Beyond Reasonable Doubt. Comparative Reliability of Some Common Design and Specification Methods. Environmental Effects on Equipment Reliability. A Framework for Dependent Failure Analysis. Assessing Environmental Effects. The Hardness of Semiconductor Devices Exposed to Simulated Electromagnetic Pulses. Risk Assessment. The Use of Possibility Concepts in Fuzzy Logic Reliability Applications. Probabilistic Risk Assessment Associated with Fire Spred in Segregated Structures. A TriggerCoupling Mechanism Model for Dependent Failures. Reliability Management and Design. Benefits of Reliability and Quality Assurance Programmes in UK Manufacturing. The Taguchi Approach to Designing for Reliability. Overhaul Cost Escalation Due to Mechanical Wear Out. Poster Session. Calculation of Reliability Characteristics in the Case of Corrosion Using the RCPbased Approach. A Modified GO Methodology for System Availability Assessment. Geometric Transform Method for Numerical Evaluation of Instantaneous Availability. Hazard Rates and Generalised Bet

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