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This book chronicles the proceedings of the First International Symposium on Adhesion Aspects of Thin Films held in Newark New Jersey October 2829 1999. Films and coatings are used for a variety of purposes ó decorative protective functional etc. ó in a host of applications. Irrespective of the intended function or application of a film or a coating their adequate adhesion to the underlying substrates is of cardinal importance. Concomitantly the need to understand the factors controlling adhesion and to tailor adhesion to a desired level is quite patent. This book contains a total of 16 papers which were presented by researchers from academia industry and other laboratories and have been rigorously peer reviewed suitably revised and properly edited before inclusion. The topics covered include: mechanisms origin evolution and measurement of stresses in thin films: surface stress effects on the intrinsic stress: various factors affecting stresses in thin films: delamination of coatings caused by residual stress: effects of surface treatments on the adhesion of metallic films: adhesion of CVD diamond to carbide cutting inserts: effect of carbon contaminant on adhesion of aluminum films: effect of interlayers on adhesion of ceramic coatings: effect of residual stress on adhesion and wear resistance of hard coatings: tribological properties of ceramic films: oxide layers as barrier coatings on a plastic substrate: adhesion aspects of organic coatings to metals: and adhesion of thin plasma polymerized fluorocarbon films.This book providing a commentary on the current state of knowledge of adhesion of thin films will be useful to anyone interested in thin films and will provide ideas on how to improve or tailor adhesion of a film or a coating for a given situation.PrefaceStresses in thin filmsJ. Bttiger J. Chevallier P. Kringhj and K.O. SchweitzFundamental aspects of residual stress evolution in thin metal films during energetic particle depositionA. Misra and M. NastasiSurface stress effects on the intrinsic stress in thin filmsR.C. CammarataInfluence of the ion bombardment on the stress in thin films produced by ion beam and RF sputtering techniquesS. Scaglione F. Sarto A. Rizzo M. Alvisi and M.A. TaglienteDelamination of thin hard coatings induced by combined residual stress and topographyU. Wiklund S. Hogmark and J. GunnarsEffects of surface treatments on the adhesion of metallic films to ceramic substratesA.J. PedrazaThe stateoftheart in adhesion of CVD diamond to carbide cutting insertsM.A. Taher W.F. Schmidt A.P. Malshe E.J. Oles and A. InspektorAdhesion improvement of diamond films to silicon nitride substrate for cutting toolsH. Itoh R. Sasai M. Kamiya S.S. Lee K. Kuroda and T. TsutsumotoQuantifying the effect of carbon on the practical adhesion of aluminum films to sapphire substratesJ.A. Schneider S.E. Guthrie W.M. Clift and N.R. MoodyThe effect of a titaniumbased interlayer on the adhesion of ceramic coatingsM.T. Vieira

Data Publikacji: 2001-04-03
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