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tor in Chief of six international journals a guest editor of journals an editor of books a book series editor and a scientific advisor for many international journals and conferences. Presently he is an editorial board member of 20 international journals and acts as a reviewer for more than 60 prestigious ISI web Science journals. In addition he has also published as author and coauthor more than 30 book chapters and 300 articles in journals and conferences (more than 150 articles in ISI Web Science hinde''The machining of complex sculptured surfaces is a global technological topic in modern manufacturing with relevance in both industrialized and emerging in countries particularly within the moulds and dies sector whose applications include highly technological industries such as the automotive and aircraft industry. ''Machining of Complex Sculptured Surfaces'/' considers new approaches to the manufacture of moulds and dies within these industries. The traditional technology employed in the manufacture of moulds and dies combined conventional milling and electrodischarge machining (EDM) but this has been replaced with 'highspeed milling (HSM) which has been applied in roughing semifinishing and finishing of moulds and dies with great success. '/'''''Machining of Complex Sculptured Surfaces'/' provides recent information on machining of complex sculptured surfaces including modern CAM systems and process planning for three and five axis machining as well as explanations of the advantages of HSM over traditional methods ranging from work piece precision and roughness to manual polishing following machining operations.'/'''Whilst primarily intended for engineering students and post graduates (particularly in the fields of mechanical manufacturing or materials) ''Machining of Complex Sculptured Surfaces'/' provides clear instructions on modern manufacturing: serving as a practical resource for all academics researchers engineers and industry professionals with interest in the machining of complex sculptured surfaces.'/'&l''Provides recent information on machining of complex sculptured surfaces'/'''Contains chapters written by international experts in machining'/'''Includes numerous figures and tables'o''In just under three decades the world has witnessed an enormous rise in obesity with a parallel growth' in cardiometabolic disease risk factors characterized by insulin resistance dyslipidemia and hypertension together known as the metabolic syndrome conditions previously unheard of in children and adolescents. During this time we have little knowledge of the global and cumulative detrimental health effects of childhood obesity. As obese children age not only will their health be negatively affected but infertility and pregnancy complications associated with the metabolic syndrome will affect generations to come.' The work force will undoubtedly be affected because of increased sick days and decreased work productivity.'/'''''/'''Identifyi

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