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[Pension Rigths Adjustment]The new 2004 edition is the first systematic complete presentation of the pension rights adjustment which is based on explicit and detailed guiding principles and interpretations ( 1587a margin no. 19108). The Pensions Adjustment Act which is complicated due to its many references to the law of provision gains transparency and stringency as a result. The consistent revision and editing by the longstanding President of a Family Senate also ensures a consistent reference in the text to practical experience. Accordingly much space is devoted to current developments especially to the portrayal and crucial acknowledgement of changes in the provision for senior civil servants ( 1587a margin no. 120 166 170 175 f) and company pension provision including the supplementary provision for public sector employees ( 1587 margin no. 19 ff 1587a margin no. 245 ff 248 250 253 279 310 336 ff 340 ff) and also (through the revised edition of the Cash Equivalent Value Decree that is temporarily unsolved) questions of the conversion of non fullydynamic entitlements ( 1587a margin no. 426 454 ff). Solutions for still unresolved problems are also developed for instance in view of the increasingly relevant legal consequences of a provision shortfall due to premature retirement (cf. 1587a margin no. 176 186 f 234 ff 2

Data Publikacji: 2004-02-23
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