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This book introduces a new approach to designing ELibrarian Services. With the help of this system users will be able to retrieve multimedia resources from digital libraries more efficiently than they would by browsing through an index or by using a simple keyword search. ELibrarian Services combine recent advances in multimedia information retrieval with aspects of humanmachine interfaces such as the ability to ask questions in natural language: they simulate a human librarian by finding and delivering the most relevant documents that offer users potential answers to their queries. The premise is that more pertinent results can be retrieved if the search engine understands the meaning of the query: the returned results are therefore logical consequences of an inference rather than of keyword matches. Moreover ELibrarian Services always provide users with a solution even in situations where they are unable to offer a comprThis book introduces an approach in designing ELibrarian Services which combines advances in multimedia information retrieval with aspects of humanmachine interfaces. Such a system can efficiently retrieve multimedia resources from aPart I: Information Retrieval in Digital Libraries. Introduction to Digital Libraries. Search Engines. Part II: Key Technologies of ELibrarian Services. Semantic Web and Ontologies. Description Logics and Reasoning.'Natural Language Processing. Multimedia Information Retrieval.'Part III: Design and Utilization of ELibrarian Services. Ontological Approach. Design of the Natural Language Processing Module. Designing the Multimedia Information Retrieval Module. Implementation Configuration and Deployment. Best Practices. Part IV: Appendix. A XML SChema Primitive Datatypes. B Reasoning Algorithms. C Syntactic Difference. D Brown Tag Set. E PartofSpeechTaggers and Parse''From the reviews:'/'The subtitle gives a much better idea of what this book is really about. it offers a demonstration of their applicability within a narrow computer science framework. the primary audience is computer science researchers. It is interesting as an illustration of where information retrieval is heading an explanation of the relationship between the semantic web and natural language processing and a glimpse of the potential power of these new ways of representing knowledge.Ł (Toby Burrows Australian Library Journal Vol. 61'''b'Dr. sc. nat. Christoph Meinel'/b' (1954) is President and CEO of the HassoPlattnerInstitut for ITSystems Engineering (HPI) and full professor (C4) for computer science at the University of Potsdam. His research field is Internet and Web Technologies and Systems. Beside he is a teacher at the HPI School of Design Thinking a visiting professor at the Computer Science School of the Technical University of Beijing (China) and a research fellow of the interdisciplinary center SnT at the University of Luxembourg. Since 2008 he is program director of the HPIStanford Design Thinking Re

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