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David Schnmayr


Springer International Publishing


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This book provides transdisciplinary analyses of the automotive plastics production and recycling system including prognoses scenarios and solutions for corporate sustainability management./A book on plastics not written by a plastics guy. But a sustainability guy. Plastics schizophrenia and the automotive abyss: The industry is facing a severe challenge. It is the inevitable and promising change towards a sustainable economy. However the automotive industry is primarily concerned with the CO2 emissions from cars when driving while the rise of lightweight plastics electric drive and heavy batteries make the production and endoflife phase ever more important. Therefore the currently increasing use of nonsustainable virgin plastics in cars has to be tackled.br/br/The plastics and the automotive industry now have a chance and this chance :is the Recycling Renaissance./This book offers:/óHolistic and transdisciplinary overview on sustainability and automotive plastics from all angles including economy ecology technology and politics with a focus on Europe/óConcise analyses prognoses tools and a roadmap with solutions for companies developed together with international experts from industry and academia :/óStrong scientific basis and independent research including a Europewide survey expert interviews and workshops/óMore than 80 illustrations and 15 tables including a SCOT analysis :/óExecutive summaries after each chapter for fast reading/br/The uniqueness of this book lies within the different point of view on this topic from a critical outstanding scientist.Ł Univ.Prof. Dipl.Ing. Dr.mont. Pomberger MontanuniPreface. Acknowledgements. 1. A transdisciplinary journey into sustainability science. 1.1. Transdisciplinarity why is it so important?. 1.2. Geographic society and environment research. 1.3. Systems sciences. 1.4. Sustainable development. 1.5. Ecology. 1.6. Economy. 1.7. Society ethics psychology politics and technology. 1.8. In a nutshell: controversial sustainability as a challenge. 2. Sustainability and automotive plastics a controversial industry reality. 2.1. Plastics. 2.1.1. Definition and development of plastics. 2.1.2. The life cycle of plastics. 2.1.3. Environmental and social impact of plastics. 2.1.4. Waste treatment technologies for (automotive) plastics. 2.1.5. Environmentally sound solution: circular life cycle of plastics. 2.1.6. Plastics are a blessing and a curse a summary. 2.2. Automotive plastics. 2.2.1. Automotive and automotive plastic trends. 2.2.2. Environmental impact of automotive plastics and cars in general. 2.2.3.The car life cycle ELV management and recycling. 2.3. In a nutshell: Holistic controversy of automotive plastics. 3. What do the experts say? The survey results.3.1. Validation of survey data through expert workshop. 3.2. Demographic data and details about the survey participants. 3.3. Automotive plastics recycling and recy

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