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'div'This textbook provides graduate and advanced undergraduate students with a comprehensive introduction to the application of basic principles and concepts for physical and engineering acoustics. Many of the chapters are independent and all build from introductory to more sophisticated material. Written by a wellknown textbook author with 39 years of experience performing research teaching and mentoring in the field it is specially designed to provide maximum support for learning.  :Derivations are rigorous and logical with thorough explanations of operations that are not obvious. Many of the derivations and examples have not previously appeared in print. Important concepts are discussed for their physical implications and implementation. Many of the 56 examples are mini case studies that address systems students will find to be interesting and motivating for continued study. The example solutions address both the significance of the example and the reasoning underlying the formulation. Tasks that require computational work are fully explained. This volume contains 168 homework exercises accompanied by a detailed solutions manual for instructors. Building on the foundation provided in Volume I: Fundamentals this text offers a knowledge base that will enable the reader to begin undertaking research and to work in the core areas of acoust'div'List of Examples'/div''div''br''/div''div'Preface'/div''div''br''/div''div'7 Radiation from Vibrating Bodies'/div''div'7.1 Spherical Harmonics'/div''div'7.1.1 Separation of Variables'/div''div'7.1.2 Description of the Pressure Field'/div''div'7.1.3 Arbitrary Spatial Dependence'/div''div'7.2 Radiation from a Spherical Body'/div''div'7.2.1 Analysis'/div''div'7.2.2 Important Limits'/div''div'7.2.3 Symmetry Plane'br''div'7.2.4 Interaction with an Elastic Spherical Shell :'/div''div'7.3 Radiation from an Infinite Cylinder'/div''div'7.3.1 Separation of Variables'/div''div'7.3.2 Transverse DependenceCylindrical Bessel Functions'/div''div'7.3.3 Radiation due to a Helical Surface Wave'/div''div'7.3.4 Axially Periodic Surface Vibration :'/div''div'7.3.5 Finite Length Effects :'/div''div'7.4 KirchhoffHelmholtz Integral Theorem'/div''div'7.4.1 Derivation for an Acoustic Cavity'/div''div'7.4.2 Acoustic Radiation into an Exterior Domain'/div''div'7.5 Numerical Methods for Radiation from Arbitrary Objects'/div''div'7.5.1 Source Superposition'/div''div'7.5.2 Boundary Element Method'/div''div'7.5.3 Finite Element Method'/div''div'7.6 Homework Exercises'/div''div''br''/div''div'8 Radiation from a Source in a Baffle'/div''div'8.1 The Rayleigh Integral'/div''div'8.2 Farfield Directivity'/div''div'8.2.1 Cartesian Coordinate Description'/div''div'8.2.2 Farfield of a Piston Transducer'/div''div'8.3 Axial Dependence for a Circular Transducer'/div''div'8.4 An Overall Picture of the Pressure Field'/div''div'8.5 Radiation Impedance of a Circular Piston'/div''div'8.6 Time Domain Rayleigh Integral'/div''div'8.7 Homework

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