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'div'This graduate and advanced undergraduate textbook systematically addresses all core topics in physical and engineering acoustics. Written by a wellknown textbook author with 39 years of experience performing research teaching and mentoring in the field it is specially designed to provide maximum support for learning. Presentation begins from a foundation that does not assume prior study of acoustics and advanced mathematics. Derivations are rigorous thoroughly explained and often innovative. Important concepts are discussed for their physical implications and their implementation. Many of the examples are mini case studies that address systems students will find to be interesting and motivating for continued study. Stepbystep explanations accompany example solutions. They address both the significance of the example and the strategy for approaching it. Wherever techniques arise that might be unfamiliar to the reader they are explained in full. Volume I contains 186 homework exercises accompanied by a detailed solutions manual for instructors. This text along with its companion Volume II: Applications provides a knowledge base that will enable the reader to begin undertaking research and to work in core areas of acoust'div'List of Examples'/div''div''br''/div''div'Preface'/div''div''br''/div''div'1 Descriptions of Sound'/div''div'1.1 Harmonic Signals'/div''div'1.1.1 Basic Properties'/div''div'1.1.2 Vectorial Representation'/div''div'1.1.3 Complex Exponential Representation'/div''div'1.1.4 Operations Using Complex Exponentials'/div''div'1.2 Averages'/div''div'1.3 Metrics of Sound'/div''div'1.3.1 Sound Pressure Level'/div''div'1.3.2 Human Factors'/div''div'1.3.3 Frequency Bands'/div''div'1.4 Transfer Between Time and Frequency Domains'/div''div'1.4.1 Fourier Series'/div''div'1.4.2 Discrete Fourier Transforms'/div''div'1.4.3 Nyquist Sampling Criterion'/div''div'1.4.4 Fast Fourier Transforms'/div''div'1.4.5 Evaluation of Time Responses'/div''div'1.5 Spectral Density'/div''div'1.5.1 Definition'/div''div'1.5.2 Noise Models'/div''div'1.6 Homework Exercises'/div''div''br''/div''div'2 Plane Waves: Time Domain Solutions'/div''div'2.1 Continuum Equations in One Dimension'/div''div'2.1.1 Conservation of Mass2.1.2 Momentum Equation'/div''div'2.2 Linearization and the OneDimensional Wave Equation'div'2.3 Equation of State and the Speed of Sound'/div''div'2.4 The dAlembert Solution'/div''div'2.4.1 Derivation'/div''div'2.4.2 Interpretation'/div''div'2.4.3 Harmonic Waves'/div''div'2.5 The Method of Wave Images'/div''div'2.5.1 Initial Value Problem in an Infinite Domain'/div''div'2.5.2 Plane Waves in a SemiInfinite Domain'/div''div'2.5.3 Plane Waves in a Finite Waveguide'/div''div'2.6 Analogous vibratory systems'/div''div'2.6.1 Stretched cable'/div''div'2.6.2 Extensional waves in an elastic bar'/div''div'2.7 Closure'/div''div'2.8 Homework Exercises'/div''div''br''/div''div'3 Plane Waves: Frequency Domain Solutions'/div''div'3.1 General Solution'/div''div'3.

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