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The fields of gender and religious studies have often been criticized for neglecting to engage with one another and this volume responds to this dearth of interaction by placing the fields in an intimate dialogue. Taking a multidisciplinary approach and drawing on feminist scholarship the book undertakes theoretical and empirical explorations of relational and coconstitutive encounters of gender and religion. Through varied perspectives the chapters address three interrelated themes: religion as practice the relationship between religious practice and religion as prescribed by formal religious institutions and the feminization of rel'div'Part I. Studying Gender and Religion: A Reflexive Perspective'/div''div''br''/div''div'1. :Can There Be Religion Without Gender?: Jill Dubisch'/div''div''br''/div''div'Part II. Feminist Perspectives on Male Religious Worlds and Masculinization Studies Of Religion'/div''div''br''/div''div'2. :Feminist Reflections On The Study Of The Feminization And Masculinization Of Religion: MarjaLiisa KeinĄnen'/div''div'3. :Working the Way To Santiago De Compostela. Masculinities And Spiritualities Of Capitalism: Lena Gemze'/div''div''br''/div''div'Part III. Beyond The Religious Woman As śOther: Gender Sexuality And Religious Diversity'/div''div''br''/div''div'4. :Gender and Citizenship. Governing Muslim Body Covering In Europe: Birgit Sauer'/div''div'5. :Navigating Equality: Religious Young Womens Perceptions Of Gender And Sexuality Equality: SarahJane Page'br''/div''div'6. :Sharing Experiences Of śSuspect Communities In Britain: Irish Catholic And Muslim Womens śVoices In Harmony: Lyn Thomas'/div''div''br''/div''div'Part IV. Alternative Spirituality Alternative Subjectivity?'/div''div''br''/div''div'7. :Desire For Enchanted Bodies: The Case Of Women Engaging Angel Spirituality: Terhi Utriainen'/div''div'8. :From Angel In The Home To Sacred Prostitute: Unconditional Love And Gendered Hierarchies In Contemporary Spirituality: Anna Fedele And Kim Knibbe'/div''div''br''/div''div'Part V. Body Space and Movement: Shifting Perspectives'/div''div''br''/div''div'9. :Gendered Spaces And Practice Relationality And Authority At The Marian Shrine of Ta Pinu Gozo Malta: Avril Maddrell'/div''div'10. :Caring And Connecting: Reworking Religion Gender And Families In PostMigration Life: Catrien Notermans Maya Turolla and Willy Jansen'br''/div''div'11. :śFor Those With Hardened Hearts: Female Mysticism Masculine Piety And The Divine Mercy Devotion: Alana Harris'br''/div''div''br''/div''div'Part VI. Feminist Theology As śReligious Other?  :Locating Teaching and Theorizing'/div''div''br''/div''div'12. :The History Of Feminist Theology In The Academy: An Autoethnographic Research Journey: Heather Walton'/div''div'13. :Feminist Theology Religious Studies And Gender Studies: Mutual Challenges: Elina Vuola'br''/div''div'14. :Afterword: Linda Woodhead'/d

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