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E. B. Manoukian


Springer International Publishing


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divThis book aims to integrate in a pedagogical and technical manner with detailed derivations all essential principles of fundamental theoretical physics as developed over the past 100 years. It covers:br/ullQuantum physics and Stability Problems in the Quantum World Minkowski Spacetime Physics/llParticle Classifications and Underlying Symmetries Symmetry Violations Quantum Field Theory  : of Particle Interactions Higgs Field Physics Supersymmetry: A Theory with Mathematical Beauty/llSuperstrings Gravity and Supergravity General Relativity Predictions including Frame :Dragging Intricacies of Black Hole Physics Perturbative and Nonperturbative Quantum Gravity/llIntricacies :of Modern Cosmology including Inflation and Power Spectrum :/l/ulIf you are in the process of learning or are lecturing on any of the subjects above then this is your book irrespective of your specialty.brWith overspecialization and no time to master all the fields given above students and perhaps many physicists may find it difficult to keep up with all the exciting developments going on and are even less familiar with their underlying technicalities: e.g. they might have heard that the Universe is 13.8 billion years old but have no idea on how this number is actually computed.brThis unique book will be of great value to graduate students instructors and researchers interested in the intricacies :and derivations of the many aspects of modern fundamental theoretical physics. :And although a graduate level book some chapters may also be suitable for advanced undergraduates in their final year.brPreface. Introduction. :Emergence of a Fundamental Constant in Physics. Sorting out Selective Measurements. QM ReInvents Complex Numbers Matrices Operators and InnerProduct Spaces. Symmetries and Emergence of h/ in the Formalism Itself. Commutation Relations: Statements of Measurability. Measurements and Interference. Quantum Dynamics Time Evolution and Quantum Scattering. Stability of the HAtom in Configuration Space. Do Atomic Electrons Fall to the Center of Atoms?. How QM Prevents Matter From Collapsing Around Us and Forces it to Occupy Such a Large Volume. Bells Tests Entanglement and Refinements. Schroedingers Cat: A Theoretical Description. Lorentz Frames and Minkowski Spacetime. The Celebrated Lorentz Group: The Underlying Transformations Derived. Physics in Minkowski Spcetime: Applications. First Unified Field Theory: Maxwells Equations Lorentz Covariance and the Photon Concept. Spinors and the Group SL(2C). QM Meets Relativity and the Birth of QFT: Fields & Particles. The Five Types of Fields You Meet in HighEnergy Physics. Another Look at Symmetry and Quantum Generators of the Lorentz Group. Gauge Fields. Quarks Leptons Gluons and Massive Vector Fields. The Three Main Lagrangians You Meet in Quantum Field Theory. Quantum Dynamics: The Differential and Integral Formalisms of Two Giants in Physics. Index.<Professor Dr. Edouard B. Manoukian

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