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Peter Erneckż J Mederly


Springer International Publishing


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/This book provides the first comprehensive assessment of ecosystem services (ES) for the territory of the Slovak Republic. Although the ES approach is widely used for the evaluation of the benefits of natural capital and biodiversity for people this book has a unique character. It provides an assessment of 18 individual ES which are divided into three main groups provisioning regulatory/supporting and cultural ES. For each of ES a brief theoretical and methodological overview is given followed by spatial assessment based on own original methodology and dataset of 40 map layers. Besides an evaluation of main ES groups and overall ES assessment is realized./This book emphasizes the key role of nature protection areas large areas of forest ecosystems and mountain and submountain areas for the preservation of the various functions of the healthy landscape and ecosystems. The complexity of the book guarantees its usefulness not only as the knowledge base for the territory of Slovakia but also as the methodological tool for worldwide researchers./br<Summary/Introduction/1. : : : Overview of the ecosystem services concept/1.1. : : Ecosystem services basics/1.2. : : Ecosystem services classification/1.3. : : Basic assessment methods of ecosystems services/1.4. : : Process of ecosystem services assessment in the European Union/1.5. : : Ecosystem services assessment in Slovak Republic/2. : : : Ecosystem services of Slovakia/2.1. : : Provisioning ecosystems services/2.2. : : Regulatory ecosystem services and supporting ecosystem functions/2.3. Cultural ecosystems services/3. : : : Synthesis of ecosystem services assessment in Slovakia/3.1. : : Overall ecosystem services assessment/3.2. : : The importance of ecosystem services for nature and landscape protection in Slovakia/Conclusion/References : <bPeter Mederly /b(Chief Editor)Associate professor and senior researcher at the Constantine the Philosopher University Faculty of Natural Sciences Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences in Nitra Slovakia (from 2014). 19922016: Head of the Regioplan company (environmental planning & assessment). :Master degree in Physical Geography (1985 Comenius University in Bratislava) PhD in Ecology and Environmental Sciences (2009 Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra).brResearch focus: Sustainable development studies (National strategy of SD in Slovakia System of SD indicators in Slovakia and Czech Republic SD Index for world countries several books and many articles in this topic) Landscape and spatial planning land use changes (landscapeecological plans green infrastructure projects) Ecosystem services assessment (OpenNESS FP7 project 20132017 MAES national Slovak assessment scientific articles). Environmental impact assessment (screening and scoping projects SEA for spatial planning) Environmental politics (global EU national l

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