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Voicu D. Dragomir


Springer International Publishing


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/This book is a first step towards understanding the complexity of corporate environmental strategy while explaining the relationships between the numerous dimensions of the concept. When we think of corporate environmental strategy we usually have in mind a dull and stereotypical statement issued by the CEO addressing aspects such as pollution reduction stakeholder dialogue and unfailing care for the environment. However genuine environmental protection relies on proactive policies managerial commitment cleaner technologies and advanced management procedures. The author identifies a series of environmental strategy dimensions some of which have been thoroughly researched in the literature whereas others have only emerged in recent years. The main dimensions presented in this book include corporate environmental performance: environmental accounting and disclosure: environmental management practices: greening the supplychain: environmental values and responsibility: green entrepreneurship and innovation: environmental training culture and policies: and environmental legitimacy and reputation. For each dimension the author develops a discussion framework which provides the necessary operational definitions methodological implications and practical situations in which these constructs can be used. Each section contains a visual representation of the relationships between the dimensions of corporate environmental strategy and the actions of decisionmakers and relevant stakeholders.br/ :/divbr/divbr<Introduction. Defining corporate environmental strategy. Qualitative assessments of corporate environmental strategy. The dimensions of corporate environmental strategy. Environmental performance and ecoefficiency. Environmental disclosure. Environmental accounting. Environmental actions and stakeholder integration. Environmental management practices (incl. EMS + supplychain management). Environmental values and responsibility. Environmental targets engagement and prevention. Environmental governance culture and policies. Environmental awards legitimacy and reputation. Environmental involvement of employees. Emerging concepts: environmental product quality environmental competitiveness. The integration of environmental strategy dimensions. ConclDr VoicuDan Dragomir is a senior lecturer at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies Romania. He has degrees in accountancy international economic relations and psychology. He is the author of four books and many papers in internaReviews critically current corporate strategies for sustainability/Includes numerous visual representations of the concepts and processes described/Is of use to managers and business studies researchers/divbr/d

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