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'''/'''#MeToo has sparked a global reemergence of sexual violence activism and politics. This edited collection uses the #MeToo movement as a starting point for interrogating contemporary debates in antisexual violence activism and justiceseeking. It draws together 19 accessible chapters from academics practitioners and sexual violence activists across the globe to provide diverse critical and nuanced perspectives on the broader implications of the movement. It taps into wider conversations about the nature history and complexities of antirape and antisexual harassment politics including the limitations of the movement including in the global South. It features both internationally recognised and emerging academics from across the fields of criminology media and communications film studies gender and queer studies and law and will appeal broadly to the academic community activists and beyond.'/'<'div' ''''Notes on contributors'/''/'''''Acknowledgements'/''/'''''Forward'/''/'''Walter DeKeseredy'/'''''Dedication'/''/''''br''/''''b'Introduction'/b''/'''Chapter 1. Introduction: mapping the emergence of #MeToo'/'''''Bianca Fileborn & Rachel LoneyHowes'/''/''''b'Part 1: The politics of speaking out and consciousnessraising'/b''/'''Chapter 2. The politics of the personal: the evolution of antirape activism from secondwave feminism to #MeToo'/'''''Rachel LoneyHowes'/''/''' :'/'''Chapter 3. Digital feminist activism: #MeToo and the everyday experiences of challenging rape culture'/'''''Kaitlynn Mendes & Jessica Ringrose'/''/''' :'/'''Chapter 4. Online feminist activism as performative consciousnessraising: a #MeToo case study'/'''''Jessamy Gleeson & Breanan Turner'/''/''' :'/'''Chapter 5. You say #MeToo I say #MiTu: Chinas online campaigns against sexual abuse'/'''''Jing Zeng'/''/''''' :'/''/'''Chapter 6. A thousand and one stories: myth and the #MeToo movement'/'''''Mary Anne Franks'/''/''''b'Part 2: Whose bodies matter? #MeToo and the politics of inclusion'/b''/'''Chapter 7. From śMeToo to śToo Far? Contesting the boundaries of sexual violence in contemporary activism'/'''''Bianca Fileborn & Nickie D. Phillips'/''/''''br' Chapter 8. This black body is not yours for the taking'/'''''Tess Ryan'/''/''' :'/'''Chapter 9. Beyond the bright lights: are minoritized women outside the spotlight able to say #MeToo?'/'''''Neha Kagal Leah Cowan & Huda Jawad'/''/''' :'/'''Chapter 10. śIts not just men and women: LGBTQIA people and #MeToo'/'''''Jess Ison'/''/''''b'Part 3: Not all that glitters is gold: #MeToo the entertainment industry and media reporting'/b''/'''Chapter 11. #MeToo and the reasons to be cautious'/'''''Lauren Rosewarne'/''/''' :'/'''Chapter 12. Substitution activism: the impact of #MeToo in Argentina'/'''''Mara Cecilia Garibotti & Cecilia Marcela Hopp'/''/''' :'/'''Chapter 13. Shitty Media Men'/'''''Bridget Haire Christy E. Newman & Bianca Fileborn'/''/''' :'/'''Chapter 14. Journalist guideli

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