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This brief explores recent progress in the area of polysaccharides and their composites and nanocomposites. It is a complete resource for the evolving field of polysaccharide based biomaterials and their applications in different fields. The volume focuses on their composition properties characterization chemistry and applications and also highlights recent developments in polysaccharide based composites and nanocomposites spurred by advances in polymer technology and biotechnology. :'div''br''/div''div'Divided into different sections featuring alginates carrageenans cellulose starch chitin chitosan gums etc each chapter presents chemical physical and biological attributes and reviews the recent research performed such as drug carriers selective water absorption materials from oilwater emulsions purification of water biomedical applications etc. The authors hope that this brief will help to inspire scientists towards novel sources for chemicals materials and energy in the years to c''Introduction. Processing Techniques. Properties of composites. Applications of polysaccharide based composites. Conclusion. References.'/'<This book will prove to be an important resource for all those who are interested in the processing properties and applications of biobased composites and nanocomposites both undergraduate and postgraduate students of Chemistry Physics Materials Science and Engineering researchers but also for the general audience.Ł (Bogdan Marian Tofanica Cellulose Chemistry and Technology Vol.'''b'Merin Sara Thomas '/b'is an Assistant Professor at Department of Chemistry Mar Thoma College Tiruvalla Kerala India. Her research interest is in the field of chitosan based bionanocomposites'b'. '/b'She has written 3 book chapters in the field of biopolymers.'b' '/b''/'''Rekha Rose Koshy is an Assistant Professor at Dept. of Chemistry Bishop Moore College Mavelikara Kerala. India. Her research interests include Soy protein based bionanocomposites. She has published one review article in Food HydrocolloidsŁ and has written over 6 book chapters in the field of various biopolymers.'/''''b'Siji K Mary'/b' is working as an Assistant Professor in the department of Chemistry Bishop Moore College Mavelikara Kerala India since 2011. Her research area of interest is starch based bionanocomposites. She has written 7 book chapters in the field of biopolymers.'/''''b'Prof. Dr. Sabu Thomas'/b''/'''Professor Sabu Thomas is currently ProVice Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi University and the Founder Director and Professor of the International and Interuniversity Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. He is also a full professor of Polymer Science and Engineering at the School of Chemical Sciences of Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam Kerala India. Prof. Thomas is an outstanding leader with sustained international acclaims for his work in Nanoscience Polymer Science and Engineering Polymer Nanocomposites Elastomers Polymer Blends Interpenetrating Polym

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