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Tharp Twyla


Simon & Schuster

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Twyla Tharp one of America&rsquo:s greatest choreographers began her career in 1965 and has created more than 130 dances for her company as well as for the Joffrey Ballet the New York City Ballet the Paris Opera Ballet London&rsquo:s Royal Ballet Denmark&rsquo:s Royal Ballet and American Ballet Theatre. She has won two Emmy Awards for television&rsquo:s :Baryshnikov by Tharp :and a Tony Award for the Broadway musical :Movin&rsquo: Out. :The recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship she was inducted into the American Academy of Arts & Sciences in 1993 and was made an honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1997. She holds nineteen honorary degrees most recently from Harvard University. She lives and works in New York City.One of the world&rsquo:s leading artists—:a living legend—:and bestselling author of The Creative Habit shares her secrets for harnessing vitality and finding purpose as you age. From insight to action Keep It Moving is a guidebook for expanding one&rsquo:s possibilities over the course of a lifetime. At seventyseven Twyla Tharp is revered not only for the dances she makes—:but for her astounding regime of exercise and nonstop engagement. She is famed for religiously hitting the gym each morning at daybreak and utilizing that energy to propel her breakneck schedule as a teacher writer creator and lecturer. This book grew out of the question she was asked most frequently: &ldquo:How do you keep working?&rdquo: In Twyla&rsquo:s own words: &ldquo:This book is a collection of what I&rsquo:ve learned in the past fiftyfive years: from the moment I committed to a life in dance up until today...it identifies a &lsquo:disease&rsquo: and offers a cure. That disease simply put is our fear of time&rsquo:s passing and the resulting aging process. The remedy? This book in your hands.&rdquo: Keep It Moving is a series of nononsense mediations on how to live with purpose as time passes. From the details of how she stays motivated to the stages of her evolving fitness routine Tharp models how fulfillment depends not on fortune—:but on attitude possible for anyone willing to try and keep trying. Culling anecdotes from Twyla&rsquo:s life and the lives of other luminaries each chapter is accompanied by a small exercise that will help anyone develop a more hopeful and energetic approach to the everyday. Twyla will tell you what the beautyfitnesswellness industry won&rsquo:t: chasing youth is a losing proposition. Instead Keep It Moving focuses you on what&rsquo:s here and where you&rsquo:re going—:the book for anyone who wishes to maintain their prime for life.&ldquo:An exhilarating mé:lange of sage advice and staminabuilding exercises.&rdquo: &mdash:O: The Oprah Magazine&ldquo:A selfhelp book about the body mind and spirit and an apotheosis of her experience as a dancer choreographer and artistic director....motivationally this is a wise and fun book...it has sage not so stoic advic

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