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Jo Nesboneil Smith


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HARRY HOLE IS BACK! A BLISTERING NEW THRILLER FROM THE NUMBER 1 BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE SNOWMAN AND POLICE. THERE&:amp:apos:S A NEW KILLER ON THE STREETS...A woman is found murdered after an internet date. The marks left on her body show the police that they are dealing with a particularly vicious killer. HE&:amp:apos:S IN YOUR HOUSE...HE&:amp:apos:S IN YOUR ROOM. Under pressure from the media to find the murderer, the force know there&:amp:apos:s only one man for the job. But Harry Hole is reluctant to return to the place that almost took everything from him. Until he starts to suspect a connection between this killing and his one failed case. HE&:amp:apos:S OUT FOR BLOOD When another victim is found, Harry realises he will need to put everything on the line if he&:amp:apos:s to finally catch the one who got away. &:amp:apos:An expertly plotted, compelling and gripping white-knuckle ride...Nesbo deserves to be crowned the king of all crime thriller writers&:amp:apos: Sunday Express on THE SON &:amp:apos:Nesbo deploys all the key ingredients of a cracking good thriller with expertise and verve.The ticking clock, the tension expertly ratcheted ever upwards, the changing scenery, the constantly shifting goalposts and the effortless, triumphant outpacing of the reader&:amp:apos:s ability to guess what&:amp:apos:s going to happen will keep you gripped to the last page&:amp:apos: Guardian on THE LEOPARD &:amp:apos:The undisputed king of Scandinavian crime fiction&:amp:apos: The Times &:amp:apos:Scandinavian crime thrillers don&:amp:apos:t come much darker or more tense than the best-selling Harry Hole series, and this tenth outing for the Norwegian detective is the best yet&:amp:apos: Sunday Mirror on POLICE.

Data Publikacji: 2017-04-20
Wymiary: 15.4x32.4cm

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