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strongGive your hangover the boot with 100 recipes for breakfast hungerbusters healthy smoothies hair of the dog cocktails sweet treatsand more./strong/ :Hangovers we all handle them differentlysome prefer to face the pain head on while others like to hide under the covers letting out the occasional pathetic moan and praying it will all be over soon. But whatever your preferred course of action no doubt food and drink will play a key part in your recovery. And thats where 101 HANGOVER RECIPES comes in. Containing a plethora of ideas for beating away the booze thats plaguing your system find ideas for everything from breakfast treats like the triple chocolate pancakes and the superquick brunch quesadilla to bellystuffing comfort food for when you finally muster the energy to drag yourself from the sofa to the kitchen. br /br /All types of boozehounds are catered for from lightweight lushes to heavy hitters so youre guaranteed to find the perfect drink or dish to suit your mood. If youre a healthconscious sort who is keen to treat your body like a temple (albeit one thats been attacked by a marauding horde of Mexican tequila shots and Bavarian JĄgerbombs) you will find recipes for superfood salads and reenergizing juice drinks. If youre more inclined to wallow in your bed swearing on your mothers life that you%ll never so much as look at a bottle of vodka again we have quick fixes that minimize the time spent cooking and maximize your potential to fester in bed. And if youre keen to flip the bird to that woodpecker happily drilling into the center of your skull youll love the chapter on restorative hair of the dog cocktails that will have you back on your feet and necking beers like a legend in no time./Give your hangover the boot with 100 recipes for breakfast hungerbusters healthy smoothies hair of the dog cocktails sweet treats and more./Dan VauxNobes writes the brilliant food blog Essex Eating. Hehas more experience with hangovers than hed like to admit but his favorite recipes mean the headaches and nausea are never around for too long.Dansdowntoearth approach to food has earned him a reputation for telling it like it is which makes him the perfect choice to be on the judging panel at the bacchanalian celebration of all things BBQ that is Grillstock festival and to compile Dog n Bones excellent 101 BBQ and Grill Recipes.He also runs the Bristol supperclub The Basement./

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