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Helen Graves runs the immensely popular Food Stories blog where her unpretentious no BS approach to cooking and food writing has won her a legion of fans. Helen recently won the award for best writer at the Young British Foodie Awards. She is the author of My Drunken Kitchen Cook Your Date Into Bed and 101 Sandwiches all published by Dog n Bone Books. Visit Helens website at helengraves.co.uk. The author is based in Peckham London UK./From the humble cheese and tomato sandwich to an enormous meatball sub the sandwich is the most versatile type of food imaginable. Whether you want a simple snack to stick in your lunchbox or something more substantial to see away a Sunday morning hangover 101 Sandwiches has delicious recipes from around the world involving the key ingredient bread to make paninis burgers hogies boccadillos tartines and more. So if you want to learn how to make a delicious caramel pork banh mi baguette fromłVietnam a Shrimp po boy from Louisiana a Japanese fried noodle sandwich or a French croque monsieur buy this book now. Also included are recreations of historical sandwiches such as the Queen Alexandra variations to pimp up your average BLT and random sandwichbased facts that are guaranteed to improve your life./101 mouthwatering recipes to spread on your bread./Helen Graves is a Londondwelling sandwich fanatic who has made it her personal mission to find the best sandwiches known to man or woman. The whole time she has done nothing but winge about the lack of decent recipe books devoted to sandwiches whilst simultaneously doing nothing about it. All that is now about to change. Visit Helens websites at helengraves.co.uk and http://londonreviewofsandwiches.wordpress.com The author is based in Peckham London./

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