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Hafenmayer Joanna


Taylor and Francis

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Are you looking for sense and meaning in your work? Would you like to be successful but expect more in the way of reward and fulfilment than just a paycheque? The Future Makers offers 23 encouraging responses to these questions. It tells the diverse stories of people from around the world who have made a sustainable mark on the world through their careers: from an American financial market specialist to tree planters in Africa: from Japanese environmental experts to dancers in Argentina. The Future Makers are people who make the world a better more beautiful and livable place for current and coming generations. : The Hafenmayers present these inspiring stories in an accessible entertaining and thoughtful way. But they also do far more. The book presents a toolkit on how you can forge a career that has a positive impact on the world. This stepbystep process has already had a lifechanging impact on readers of the original German edition. It is packed with helpful suggestions for personal development and reorientation for a work life that will make you happier and deeply satisfied. The Future Makers takes you on a journey to people whose values and visions arent compartmentalized into corners of their lives. They live their dreams every day. This book will show you how you can do the same.Part I: A world tour with consequences Part II: The portraits1. I dont have the right professional backgroundAlbina Ruiz Ros From jungle girl to refuse queenSafia Minney Fair trade hautecouture: making beautiful clothes and making senseChris Eyre A very different kind of venture capitalMaria Emilia Correa From critiquing business to taking responsibility2. Im too young or too oldDr V The McDonaldisation of eye surgeryVicky Colbert de Arboleda Education not drugsIsaac Shongwe A lost child of the slums and an African leaderPhoto impressions of our world tourMia Hanak Why mobile phones earn a place in museums3. I am not financially secureMariana Galarza Promoting health instead of curing illnessFlorian KrĄmer Children deserve a better worldNjogu Kahare Live your own valuesKaren Tse The journey is the destination4. I am already successful with what Im doingDavid Bussau The economy of enoughInęs Sanguinetti The wakeup call: uniting passionsAshok Khosla The power of temptationErin Keown Ganju No signposts pointing to happinessJordan Kassalow Using your own potential5. What will others think of me?Roma Debabrata The healing effects of a poisonous injectionDavid Suzuki Visions for grandchildrenAmory Lovins Lets build a world: thriving verdant just and secure!Charles Maisel Treat adults as adultsThilo Bode Change in the face of oppositionJunko Edahiro Fountain of hope in critical times Part III: Your path to positive impactCriteria for positive impact and sustainable wellbeing as a measureFive paths to a job with meaningAn idea becomes r

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