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Random House

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Mark C. Scott is currently the Chief Executive of Cello Group PLC a market research and consulting group. He was formerly Operations Director at WPP Group Plc and Executive Vice President of Lighthouse Global Network LLC. He was also a senior executive at Lake Capital Management a private equity firm and sits on the Boards of a number of public and private companies as an advisor and investor. He obtained his MBA from Harvard Business School and a first class honours degree in English Literature from Oxford University. Mark C. Scott is the author of numerous books on management.In these uncertain times the credit crunch is affecting everyone.With job losses on the rise and redundancy a looming threat Bulletproof is the ultimate howto guide to protecting your job. Written by a leading industry professional with years of experience in the business field Bulletproof provides stepbystep practical advice about how to give yourself a competitive edge so that you can dodge the redundancy bullet. Bulletproof shows you how you can change the rules of the game develop your own tactical advantage and actively embrace a strategy for long term survival taking back control of your employment prospects to ensure you keep and succeed at any job!As the credit crunch hit the workplace became a battlefield. Find out how to dodge the redundancy bullet and protect your job.

Data Publikacji: 2009-02-05
Wymiary: 198 mm 129 mm 12 mm 127 gr

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