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Martin Shingler, Susan Smith



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Martin Shingler is Senior Lecturer in Radio and Film Studies at the University of Sunderland UK. He is the coauthor of two books On Air: Methods and Meanings of Radio with Cindy Wieringa (1998) and Melodrama: Genre Style& Sensibility with John Mercer (2004). He has also published essays on the Hollywood film star Bette Davis in the books Hollywood Spectatorship eds. Melvyn Stokes and Richard Maltby (BFI 2001) and Screen Acting eds. Alan Lovell and Peter Kramer (1999) and in Screen the Journal of American Studies the Journal of Film& Video Theatre Annual and Film History. He has edited a dossier on Bette Davis for Screen (2008) and an edition of the Radio Journal (2008). He is coeditor with Susan Smith of the BFI Film Stars series and author of Star Studies: A Critical Guide (BFI 2012).Susan Smith is Reader in Film Studies at the University of Sunderland UK. She is author of Elizabeth Taylor (BFI/Palgrave 2012) Voices in Film (Wallflower Press 2007) The Musical: Race Gender and Performance (Columbia University Press 2005) and Hitchcock: Suspense Humour and Tone (BFI 2000). She also coedits the BFIs Film Stars series.Ulrike Sieglohr is Honorary Research Associate in Film Television and Radio Studies at Staffordshire University UK.The first English language book on Hanna SchygullaProvides insight into director Fassbinder and his creation of a German star factoryRichly illustrated with 40 film imagesUlrike Sieglohr is Honorary Research Associate in Film Television and Radio Studies at Staffordshire University UK. In addition to publishing essays on New German Cinema and Werner Schroeter she is the editor of Heroines Without Heroes: Reconstructing Female and National Identities in European Cinema 194551.One of the most celebrated figures of the New German Cinema Hanna Schygulla acquired transnational stardom through her work with a range of directors in different national cinemas and languages.This absorbing study charts Schygullas career and star persona from her early days as a member of Rainer Werner Fassbinders experimental antiteater group to her work with eminent European auteurs including JeanLuc Godard Andrzej Wajda and more recently Fatih Akin. It also discusses her reinvention as an acclaimed cabaret chanteuse. Unpicking the myth that Schygullas star persona depended on her collaboration with Fassbinder Ulrike Sieglohr examines how her versatile and idiosyncratic acting style developed throughout her career. With indepth analysis of key films and their international receptions Sieglohr foregrounds Schygullas individual agency resourcefulness and talent.Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1. Fassbinders Muse and AntiStar 19671974. 2. From Backstreet Marilyn to New Marlene: The Rise to International Fame as a Star Directed by Fassbinder 19751982. 3. A Transnational European Star in Search of a Post Fassbinder Persona 19811989. 4. The Wilderness Years and Homecoming: Diversification Reinvention and Reaffirmation 19902012. Conclusion. Notes. Bi

Data Publikacji: 2014-07-23
Wymiary: 135 mm 190 mm

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