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A. Long Derek


Ebury Publishing

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Standing at a modest but no less commanding 53 inches Derek śDel Boy Trotter is the living embodiment of the underdog made good. From humble beginnings as an unlicensed market trader he went on to form Trotters Independent Trading Co and achieve his lifelong dream of becoming a millionaire.The man behind groundbreaking business ventures such as Peckham Spring mineral water the Inframax deephealing handheld massager and the Trotter Crash Turban (case pending) his mind is a veritable cesspit of entrepreneurial know how.Now semiretired and an avid philanthropist Derek lives in Peckham with his significant other Raquel.Au Revois!The names Trotter Derek Trotter and the world of business is my speciality. When it comes to the art of closing deals Ive been around the track more times than a lurcher. Not only have I been there done it and bought the tshirt Ive gone back round to do it again printed my owntshirts knocked śem out at ridiculously low prices and cut the competition out of the market. But the commodities game aint all champagne and skittles. Its a rocky road full of potholes speed cameras people who dont indicate mouthy cyclists and all sorts of obstacles designed to get on your tits. You Know It Makes Sense is the definitive business guide designed pacifically to help steer you in the right direction. Packed full of insider knowledge tips and warnings think of it as your personal statnav on the corporate highway. And whether youre a Director middle management a junior staff hotshot or the one that fetches the sandwiches it will help you get to where youre going.Watch out Branson Derek Trotter is back!Only a 42 carat plonker would put it back on the shelfToo wordy for my liking. I enjoyed the diagrams though

Data Publikacji: 2018-11-01
Wymiary: 240 mm 162 mm 29 mm 515 gr

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