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Laura Strutt is a passionate designer and enjoys knitting and crochet as well as dressmaking quilting and handlettering.Laura is the author of emSewing for Babies and Children/ememModern Weaving/em emGet Knooking/emem35 Knitted Baby Blankets/em emModern Crocheted Blankets Throws and Cushions/ememModern Crocheted Shawls and Wraps/em emModern Granny Square Crochet/em andemArm and FingerKnitting/emall published by CICO Books and the emHaynes Sewing Manual/em. Discover more of Lauras designs technique guides and crafty inspiration on her creative lifestyle blog www.madepeachy.com/strongWeaving is back! Create beautiful wall hangings and accessories on a loom with clear charts and stepbystep instructions./strong/ :Laura Strutt has designed 25 contemporary weavings in a range of stylish colourways from bright neons to pastels Navajoinspired earth tones monochrome and neutrals as well as suggesting alternate colours so you can match your makes to your home and your accessories to your mood. With a comprehensive techniques section that covers everything from how to make your own loom warping (preparing) a loom basics such as tabby weave bubbling Egyptian knots Soumak weave basket weave and many more you will develop the skills you need to make a wide range of exciting projects such as a stunning gold and cream wall hanging with extralong Rya knots a pastelcoloured hanging with ribbons and strips of lace to create a tactile texture or a pretty phone cover with Aztecinspired triangles the only difficult part is choosing what to make first!/Weaving is back! Create beautiful wall hangings and accessories on a loom with clear charts and stepbystep instructions./Laura Strutt is a former editor of emCraft Business/em magazine and launched emSew/em magazine which she edited until 2012. She is interested in all kinds of crafts and shares her expertise and her latest finds on her website www.madepeachy.com. She is also the author of emModern Crocheted Shawls and Wraps/em emArm and Finger Knitting /emand emModern Granny Square Crochet and More/em all published by CICO Books. Laura lives in Essex with her husband./

Wymiary: 276 mm 208 mm 530 gr

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