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P>The ways in which enterprises are governed and entrepreneurship policies developed are the focus for the worldleading research. This is because entrepreneurial activities take place within a wider institutional environment in which a range of public private and societal institutions progressively shape the economy and society. Therefore successful managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow need to be able to identify those institutional practices that best facilitate innovation and encourage market competitiveness. In addition managers should recognize opportunities to influence and collaborate with public economic and corporate governance institutions to benefit their own entrepreneurial activities./P>P>This book Entrepreneurship: Strategies and Policies/ introduces the various strategic actors their power relations and interactions and social ties and shows you how they are connected to entrepreneurship policies. Key questions focus on institutional frameworks across the measures that should contribute effectively to the discussion and reforms that will develop entrepreneurship and boost growth and employment. What are the limits of contemporary entrepreneurial strategies? What are the perspectives and challenges of entrepreneurship strategies? Which resilience measures are possible?P>1. Have the Entrepreneurship Policies Adapted to Its Business Context? : 2. Is the Contemporary Business Pact in an Unfinished Transition? : 3. What Are the Stimulating Measures for Entrepreneurship? : 4. Prospects for an Effective Entrepreneurship  :5. The Challenges of the Evaluation of the Regulation of Enterprises : 6. Salary Trajectories That Are Growing in Enterprises : 7. Role of Growth Productivity and Added Value  :8. The Challenges of a New Managerial Model for Entrepreneurship : 9. Is the Distribution of Added Value More and More AntiGrowth? : 10. Entrepreneurship Governance Less and Less Respectful of Work  :11. Towards a Reallocation of Added Value to Growth and the Relaunch of the Social Contract? : 12. How to Find a New Balance Between Autonomy and Security for Employees  :13. Rebalancing the Entrepreneurship Governance : :14. Towards Parity for the Entrepreneurship Governance : 15. How to Better Integrate the Specificity of Enterprises into Public Orders?

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