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When Jacob Biggle first published The :Biggle Swine Book in 1898 hog husbandry was undergoing major changes. New feeding methods had come into vogue new breeds of hogs had been developed and significant progress had been made in curbing swineborne epidemics. Even the public perception of pigs as filthy creatures wallowing up to their knees in mud had brightened and pigs were accorded a modicum of respect. But with the onset of railroad development across the United States the backyard pig farmer started losing ground to slaughterhouses and large processing plants.The Biggle Swine Book captures this moment in American history when home animal husbandry was giving way to more industrialized meat production. Nevertheless Jacob Biggle continued to offer guidance to the smallscale farmer on all manner of livestock issues centered around the proper breeding feeding and care of pigs. His book includes valuable instructions on:What to do at farrowing timeConstructing the piggery and styKeeping on top of the manure pileButchering and curing meatsProtecting your animals from various pig ailmentsIllustrated with photographs engravings and line drawings throughout of all things pigrelated this book is a glimpse into a bygone era when sows and their litters had a place on every farm and people knew exactly where their bacon came from.

Data Publikacji: 2013-09-03
Wymiary: 177.8 mm 127 mm 17.78 mm 10.64 oz 301.64 gr

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