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Yes this is the absolutely official guide to lockpicking from the US government and the Central Intelligence Agency. This is the same information that active agents in the field use to get what they need—:even when it&rsquo:s locked away.With this clever pocket sized guide you&rsquo:ll quickly learn how to get yourself into—:and out of—:tight spaces. With clear explanations and detailed illustrations The CIA Lockpicking Manual will quickly teach you what you need to know. Soon you&rsquo:ll be able to get yourself into your house office desk or car . . . without your key. The table of contents include:Basic Lock PickingThe Concepts Behind Lock PickingPicking ProcedureTool DesignMost Common Picking TechniquesLockpicking ProcessConclusionsDo you have the locksmith&rsquo:s phone number on speed dial? Find yourself spending a fortune on new locks after someone lost their keys again? Forgot your keys in the car one too many times? Free yourself once and for all from ever having a keyless crisis again with The CIA Lockpicking Manual.&ldquo:In this volume we will discuss not only the fundamental theories of lock picking but proper terminology the importance of tool design (using the right tool for the right job) the effects of tolerances and finally the techniques most commonly used by locksmiths to successfully pick the cast majority of standard pin and wafer tumbler locks.&rdquo:

Data Publikacji: 2011-08-01
Wymiary: 177.8 mm 127 mm 12.7 mm 6.88 oz 195.04 gr

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