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Steiner Christopher


Penguin Books Ltd

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Christopher Steiner is the cofounder and coCEO of Aisle50 a Y Combinator startup offering online grocery deals. An engineer Steiner was previously a technology journalist at Forbes magazine and the Chicago Tribune. His first book $20 Per Gallon was a national bestseller.A fascinating exploration of how the mathematics behind automated trading revolutionized business worldwideHe excels in bringing a dry subject to life. The characters he traces help to dramatise one of the central tenets of the book: that techniques invented for solving problems in one field are spilling over into others accelerating the pace of changeAn accessible foray into computer programming that has become a hidden but pervasive presenceIn Automate This Christopher Steiner looks at how the rise of computerized decision making affects every aspect of business and daily lifeThese days highlevel taskssuch as diagnosing an illness or interpreting legal documentsare increasingly being handled by algorithms that can do precise work with speed and nuance. These bots started on Wall Street but now their reach has spread beyond anything their original creators expected. In this fascinating book Steiner tells the story of how algorithms took overand shows why the bot revolution is about to spill into every aspect of our lives. We meet bots that are driving cars penning haikus and writing music mistaken for Bachs. They listen in on customer service calls and figure out what Iran would do in the event of a nuclear standoff. But what will the world look like when algorithms control our hospitals our roads our culture and our national security? What happens to businesses when we automate judgment and eliminate human instinct? And what role will be left for doctors lawyers writers truck drivers and many others?

Data Publikacji: 2015-07-30
Wymiary: 208 mm 148 mm 18 mm 226 gr

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