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A versatile manual that can be used to stimulate product innovation benchmarking analysis and engineering design this book goes beyond theory to provide relevant advanced methods and techniques that readers can apply in their work for both short and longterm results. The author links Quality Function Deployment (QFD) with other quality design techniques and discusses processes for improving its effectiveness. He also highlights methods for selecting a products technical features. Real implementation case studies and numerous examples illustrate the concepts including the Qualitometro method for designing and measuring quality in the service sector.Quality and Innovation: A Conceptual Model of their InteractionIntroductionQuality and InnovationLean and Integrated SystemConclusionTools and Supporting Techniques for Design QualityIntroductionDesign and Supporting ToolsConclusionsQuality Function Deployment (QFD)IntroductionInterest Aroused by QFDThe QFD ApproachThe Stages of DevelopmentThe House of QualityThe Organizational StructureBenefits Obtainable from QFD UsageApplying QFDIntroductionThe CustomerCreating the Relationship MatrixExpected Quality DeploymentTechnical ComparisonCorrelations Among CharacteristicsThe Supporting Tool of QFDIntroductionAssigning Levels of Importance to Customer RequirementsPrioritizing the Technical CharacteristicsNormalizing the Coefficients of the Relationship MatrixQFD and Value AnalysisConclusionsSelecting a Products Technical FeaturesInroductionProblem FormulationThe ProductPencil ExampleDiscussion of the Results and ObservationsAPPENDIX Qbench AlgorithmThe Prioritization of Technical/Engineering Design CharacteristicsIntroductionThe Conversion if Relationship Matrix CoefficientsQFD and Multiple Criteria Decision AidThe IDRR Algorithm for the Prioritization of Products Technical Design RequirementsIntroductionThe Ranking of Technical Design CharacteristicsThe Algorithm IDRR (Interactive Design Requirements Ranking)An Example of ApplicationDiscussion and ObservationsConclusionsHow to Improve the Use of QFDIntroductionHouse of Quality Supporting ToolsAn Application ExampleComments and ObservationsConclusionsSetting up Sizable Projects: The Constraints of QualityIntroductionThe Traditional Set Up of DesignsThe Design of a PLC Using QFDQFD DevelopmentsDesigning and Measuring Quality in the Service SectorIntroductionParticular Characteristics of the Service SectorThe Quality Status of Art in ServicesA Conceptual Model of Service QualityThe Service Quality DeterminantsThe Qualitometro MethodAPPENDIX the Qualitometro formConclusionsAn Application of Quality Function Deployment to Industrial Training CoursesIntroductionDifferent Customers with Different NeedsCustomer Satisfaction AnalysisDemanded Quality ChartService Characteristics ChartPrioritization of Service Quality CharacteristicsSome ResultsFinal Considerations about Case Study

Data Publikacji: 2001-12-13
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