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Hirano Hiroyuki


Taylor and Francis

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b> Increase Profitability and Decrease Liability with 5S/b> p>b>/b>A criticalyet often overlooked area in the visual workplace is the concept of continuous improvement. In this important work JIT expert Hiroyuki Hirano introduces his 5S System: Sort Set In Order Shine Standardize and Sustain. These steps are designed to improve efficiency strengthen maintenance and provide continuous improvement in all facets of a companys operations. Addressing the skepticism of executives who deride the 5S System for its simplicity the author revered for his nononsense approach warns of disastrous consequences for companies that fail to recognize its value: if they cannot successfully implement 5S there is little hope of integrating largescale changes such as JIT or reengineering. p>Presented in a thorough detailed style b>5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace/b> explains why the 5Ss are so important as well as the nuts andbolts of 5S implementation. Filled with numerous case studies hundreds of graphic illustrations and training materials including over forty 5S user forms this volume is a musthave guide for organizations seeking to thrive. p>To introduce the 5S system and sell its use to executives as well as workers consider purchasing p>b>5S System: An Introduction DVD/b> Catalog no. PP5934 p>Adhering to the principle of efficiency that defines this revolutionary and proven system this video succinctly explains what is involved who should participate and what it will take to get started.Why Are the 5Ss Necessary? Foundation for Corporate Survival Overview of the 5Ss Introducing the 5Ss into the Workplace The First Pillar: Organization The Second Pillar: Orderliness Visual Organization and Visual Orderliness The RedTag Strategy The Signboard Strategy The Third Pillar: Cleanliness The Fourth Pillar: Standardized Cleanup The Fifth Pillar: Discipline Case Studies: Reports from Four 5S Campaigns

Data Publikacji: 1995-01-01
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