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Chris Marshall writes the Bible has had a profound impact on the development of Western culture. So exploring biblical perspectives on justice can help us appreciate some of the convictions and values that have helped shape Western political and judicial thought.&rdquo:Christians also regard the Bible as a uniquely important source of guidance on matters of belief and practice. What the Bible has to say about justice therefore—:both social justice and criminal justice—:ought to be of great significance for Christian thought and action today. Yet coming to grips with biblical teaching on justice is by no means easy. Chapters here include:What is JusticeJustice in the Biblical WorldviewHe Contours of Biblical JusticeJesus and JusticeUpfront Marshall addresses the many complexities that surround justice in the Bible: the Bible seems to hold conflicting points of view: there is a huge amount of data to deal with: the world of the Bible and our present world are vastly different. Marshalls honest treatment of this subject is direct yet almost lyrical in tone. He manages a thorny multifaceted subject clearly and ultimately singles out the broad areas of theological agreement among the Bibles writers. Highly stimulating. Highly inspirational.Chris Marshall :is a theological educator in New Zealand with a special interest in communitybased justice alternatives. His focus has been on the integration of theological insights and criminal justice theory in his published work for which he has received international recognition. Dr. Marshall holds the St. John's Senior Lectureship in Christian Theology at Victoria University in Wellington New Zealand.

Data Publikacji: 2005-11-01
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