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Daniel D. Fox is an author and game designer having won the gold ENnie for Best Game and Product of the Year at Gen Con 2018 for ZWEIHÄ:NDER Grim & Perilous RPG. His breakout success with ZWEIHÄ:NDER was featured on Forbes.com and recognized by Kickstarter as one of their Projects We Love. His first game ZWEIHÄ:NDER is ranked one of the bestselling tabletop games of all time at DriveThruRPG with over 90000 copies sold worldwide. He is the founder of Grim & Perilous Studios an independent publisher of over 30 titles since its inception. Daniel also wrote DARK ASTRAL and MAIN GAUCHE and is the lead designer for both COLONIAL GOTHIC Grim & Perilous RPG and TETSÅ:ª:BO Grim & Perilous RPG &ndash: allnew tabletop games using the Powered By ZWEIHÄ:NDER d100 game engine.Daniel was featured on the front page of Twitch during Gen Con 2018. His popular website GrimAndPerilous.com hosts numerous articles every week on tabletop game design using the Powered By ZWEIHÄ:NDER system while his Twitter @ZweihanderRPG attracts hundreds of designers and creative influencers in the tabletop gaming community. As a fulltime digital sellsword Daniel lives in the heart of Kansas City with his loving wife and their three year old kobold.Daniel is the Executive Creative Director of Games at Andrews McMeel Universal. He can also be found on social media using the hashtags #ZweihanderRPG and #GrimAndPerilousEVERYTHING A PLAYER NEEDS TO CREATE A CHARACTER FOR ZWEIHÄ:NDER GRIM & PERILOUS RPG.Abridged from the first ten chapters of ZWEIHÄ:NDER Revised Core Rulebook this book contains everything you need to create a character: from professions & advancement to backgrounds & skills for intrigue & combat to exploration & trappings and magick spells & rituals. :Using this book you will embroil your character in low fantasy & dark fantasy adventures inspired by the worlds of Game of Thrones The Witcher Solomon Kane Black Company The Sacred Throne Gentlemen Bastards and other Renaissancestyled &lsquo:grimdark&rsquo: inspired works. :With 72 professions 43 expert professions 10 ancestries numerous backgrounds a myriad of weapons character sheets in both horizontal & vertical format and over 160 magick spells & rituals you&rsquo:ll have countless ways to create your vision of a grim character ready to embark upon perilous adventures. :ZWEIHÄ:NDER AWAITS AND THE FATE OF YOUR GRIM & PERILOUS TALE HANGS IN THE BALANCE! :EVERYTHING A PLAYER NEEDS TO CREATE A CHARACTER FOR ZWEIHÄ:NDER GRIM & PERILOUS RPG.Daniel D. Fox is the executive creative director of games at Andrews McMeel Universal. He was awarded two gold ENnies at Gen Con 2018 for Best Game and Product of the Year with his dark fantasy hit ZWEIHÄ:NDER Grim & Perilous RPG. After a 16 year career in digital advertising Daniel now spends his days designing tabletop roleplaying games and creating strategies to reach new RPG audiences. He enjoys good whiskey ZWEIHANDER RPG a

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