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Few classic works of literature have excited such enduring popular interest among the general public as Frankenstein. But suppose the characters—:Victor Frankenstein Captain Robert Walton and yes even the &ldquo:monster&rdquo:—:had shared their tale in tweets? #Frankenstein: Or The Modern Prometheus in Tweets hilariously reimagines Mary Shelley&rsquo:s classic gothic novel in about two hundred tweets each 280 characters or less. @frankendoctorvictor: A rainy November night under a dying candle I infused the spark. A gasp! A convulsion of limbs! A yellow eye opened. :P WTF had I done? In this witty abridgment Victor Frankenstein&rsquo:s quest to create a sentient being is retold with the occasional emoji. The plight of his monstrous creation is presented with internet acronyms. And Captain Robert Walton ponders the blinding power of ambition with hashtags. Including an appendix that presents the original passages upon which each tweet is derived #Frankenstein offers modern readers an entertaining and accessible companion to a great American classic.Mike Bezemek is a writer photographer editor and teacher. He&rsquo:s contributed work to a variety of publications including Canoe & Kayak Magazine Bull Hobart The Morning News FalconGuides and elsewhere. He&rsquo:s not the Mike Bezemek that lives in Texas. He&rsquo:s the other one.&ldquo:A romping tragicomedy with @frankendoctorvictor @iamnotttamonstar and more. . . . Maybe if I&rsquo:d been able to experience the classics via hashtags and emoji I might have read more in high school!&rdquo: —:Ian Doescher author of the William Shakespeare&rsquo:s Star Wars series &ldquo:Hilarious! Quirky! Imagine Holden Caulfield writing his own CliffsNotes. Modern versions of the original stories told with #attitude.&rdquo: —:Mark Greenside author of (Not Quite) Mastering the Art of French Living and I&rsquo:ll Never Be French (no matter what I do) &ldquo:&lsquo:Like catching the wind or damming a mountain stream with a straw&rsquo: Mike Bezemek&rsquo:s Twit Lit Classics accomplishes the unaccomplishable—:compressing MAJOR works of literature into #tl:dr volumes. The result is swaggering and serious with a lyrical ellipticism that calls to mind George Saunders&rsquo: Lincoln in the Bardo. #praisedue indeed!!!&rdquo: —:JoAnna Novak author of I Must Have You &ldquo:Read these tweets! @mikebezemek will make you laugh so hard you won&rsquo:t realize how much you&rsquo:re learning.&rdquo: —:Alison Espach author of The Adults and Assistant Professor of English at Providence College &ldquo:A delightful reimagining of what the characters from Frankenstein would be like in the 21st century. #awesome&rdquo: —:Emily Robbins author of A Word for Love

Data Publikacji: 2018-06-12
Wymiary: 177.8 mm 127 mm 17.78 mm 6.8 oz 192.78 gr

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