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Qiang Han Yong


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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Yong Qiang Han is Lecturer in Commercial Law at the University of Manchester UK.Greg Pynt is a barrister at Francis Burt Chambers Perth Australia.Precontractual duty is an important aspect of insurance law and this book will provide an indepth study of it in both common and civil law jurisdictions.Contains contributions from leading academics and barristers providing both academic and practitioner insight.Adopts a strong and effective comparativelaw approach which will shed light on the convergence of this aspect of insurance law across legal traditions.Yong Qiang Han is an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Banking and Finance Law of the Faculty of Law the National University of Singapore.Greg Pynt is a barrister at Francis Burt Chambers Perth Australia.Revisiting Carter v Boehm the collected papers in this book are intended as a catalyst for rethinking the precontractual duties in insurance law and the related principle of utmost good faith at a critical time for insurance law. In so doing it endeavours to provide insurance law students academics practitioners and judges with new perspectives for a keen understanding of this fundamental aspect of insurance law which has become increasingly dynamic under both common law and civil law legal traditions. It will explore to what extent and why the doctrines of precontractual duties in insurance law under the two major legal traditions are converging as well as the implications of such convergence. It will be of great interest to students academics and practitioners in the field of insurance law.An important study of precontractual duties in insurance law examining the influence of the seminal case of Carter v Boehm across the common and civil law world.1. Introduction Yong Qiang Han and Greg PyntPart I: Revisiting Carter v Boehm and PrecontractualDuties in Insurance Law2. Carter v Boehm (1766) 3 Burr 1905 3. The History of a Landmark: Carter v Boehm Stephen Watterson4. The Doctrine of Uberrima Fides in Insurance LawA Critical Evaluation Reuben A Hasson Part II: Precontractual Duties in Insurance Law: Common Law Jurisdictions5. Precontractual Duties in Australia Peter Mann Greg Pynt and Samantha Traves6. Precontractual Duties in the UK Insurance Law after 2015: Old (or New?) Wine in New Bottles?Yong Qiang Han7. Precontractual Duties under American Insurance Law Martin Davies and Jeffrey W Stempel Part III: Precontractual Duties in Insurance Law:Civil Law Jurisdictions8. Precontractual Duties under the Chinese Insurance Law Yong Qiang Han and Feng Wang9. Precontractual Duties under the French Insurance Law Sebastien Leroy10. Precontractual Duties under the German Insurance Law Manfred Wandt and Kevin Bork11. Precontractual Duties under the Japanese Insurance Law Satoshi Nakaide12. Precontractual Duties under the Swiss Insurance Law Andrea StĄubli Part IV: Precontractual Duties in Insurance Law: Mixed Legal System Reinsurance and Brokers13. Good Faith and Precontractual Duties under S

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