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Dean Regas :has been the astronomer for the Cincinnati Observatory since 2000 and the cohost of the syndicated astronomy program Star Gazers since 2010. Dean is a contributing editor to Sky and Telescope magazine and a contributor to Astronomy magazine where he won the 2008 &ldquo:OutofthisWorld&rdquo: Award for astronomy education. Dean has written over 100 astronomy articles for the Cincinnati Enquirer blogs for the Huffington Post and is regularly featured on television and radio. Since 2012 Dean has been a frequent guest on National Public Radio&rsquo:s Science Friday with Ira Flatow.A handy field guide for the best stargazing experience whether in your own back yard camping or travelling—:including information showing you which planets constellations stars and manmade objects you can see with a telescope or just your naked eye!The night sky is full of amazing things to see—:from shooting stars and constellations to planets and satellites—:but it can be hard to tell what you&rsquo:re seeing or where to look for the best view. 100 Things to See in the Night Sky gives you a clear picture of what you can see on any given night either using a small telescope or just your naked eye. Each object is presented as a separate entry with background information on the makeup appearance and history of the object along with easytofollow instructions on how to find it. For astronomy and space fans of all ages this guide helps you explore the galaxy and see the stars—:while keeping your feet on the ground.A handy field guide for the best stargazing experience whether in your own back yard camping or travelling!For anyone who enjoys looking up but feels lost in the sea of stars planets and other objects overhead a new book called 100 Things to See in the Night Sky breaks down everything you need to know to stargaze like a pro. This book is perfect for prospective stargazers or amateur astronomers of all ages &mdash: no prior skills or telescopes necessary!  :100 Things to See in the Night Sky by Dean Regas is an easytounderstand book that will serve as a great first guide to the heavens. With Christmas fast approaching 100 Things to See in the Night Sky would make a nice gift for children 10 and up or any budding astronomer on your list.  :Anyone starting out in stargzazing would benefit from [this] knowledgeable and friendly guide. An ideal nakedeye guide.You will impress your &hellip: friends on your next camping trip with your stargazing knowledge! In an easy to follow format this book focuses on the night sky in the midnorthern latitudes. Right now the winter night sky boasts some of the brightest stars and constellations so bundle up grab your book and head outside on a clear night to view Orion Taurus Canis Major and Minor Gemini and more!The book covers the planets of the solar system stars and constellations meteor showers the Milky Way and orbiting spacecraft such as the International Space Station &hellip: .

Data Publikacji: 2017-12-28
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