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''Use this comprehensive guide to learn the practical aspects of Burp Suitefrom the basics to more advanced topics. The book goes beyond the standard OWASP Top 10 and also covers security testing of APIs and mobile apps.'/'''Burp Suite is a simple yet powerful tool used for application security testing. It is widely used for manual application security testing of web applications plus APIs and mobile apps. The book starts with the basics and shows you how to set up a testing environment. It covers basic building blocks and takes you on an indepth tour of its :various components such as intruder repeater decoder comparer and sequencer. It also takes you through other useful features such as infiltrator collaborator scanner and extender. And it teaches you how to use Burp Suite for API and mobile app security testing.'/''div''''b''br''/b''/''''b'What You Will Learn'/b''/''ul' 'l'Understand various components of Burp Suite'/l' 'l'Configure the tool for the most efficient use'/l' 'l'Exploit realworld web vulnerabilities using Burp Suite'/l' 'l'Extend the tool with useful addons'/l''/ul''div''br''/div''div''b'Who This Book Is For'/b''/div''div''br''/div''div'Those with a keen interest in web application security testing API security testing mobile application security testing and bug bounty hunting: and quality analysis and development team members who are part of the secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and want to quickly determine application vulnerabilities using Burp Suite'br''/divBeginningIntermeChapter 1:  :Introduction to Burp Suite'div''b'Chapter Goal: Introduce the Burp suite to the users explaining its need and a highlevel overview. It would set the context for rest of the chapters.'/b' '''b'No of pages 68'/b' : : : : : : '/''''b'Subtopics'/b''/'''1. : : : : Introduction to application security testing'/'''2. : : : : Some basics of application security'/'''3. : : : : A brief introduction to Burp Suite'/'''4. : : : : Need for Burp Suite'/'''5. : : : : Peer comparison '/'''6. : : : : Burp Suite features and versions'/'''7. : : : : High level feature overview'/'Chapter 2:  :Setting up the environment '''b'Chapter Goal: Help the readers to setup the testing environment for rest of the chapters'/b''/''''b'No of pages 6'/b' '/''''b'Subtopics'/b' : : : : : : : 'b''/b''/'''1. Burp Suite installation'/'''2. Setting up vulnerable target web application'/'''3. : : : :  :Configuring the browser'/'4. : : : :  :Using the Burp Suite CA certificate '''/'Chapter 3: User options project options proxy '''b'Chapter Goal: Introduce the readers to the user options project options and proxy tab of Burp Suite. These are some basic building blocks to get started further.'/b''/''''b'No of pages 2025'/b' : : : : : '/

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