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Dickinson Colby


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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Colby Dickinson is Associate Professor of Theology at Loyola University Chicago USA.Provides a general overview of the major debates raging within contemporary continental thought.Illuminates the resonance between philosophy and theology as manifested among todays most relevant philosophical writers.Develops a theological evaluation that takes seriously the implications of a structural logic of religion.Colby Dickinson is Assistant Professor of Theology at Loyola University Chicago USA.Dickinson traces the development of two concepts the messianic and the canonical as they circulate interweave and contest each other in the work of three prominent continental philosophers: Walter Benjamin Jacques Derrida and Giorgio Agamben though a strong supporting cast of Jan Assmann Gershom Scholem Jacob Taubes and Paul Ricoeur among others also play their respective roles throughout this study. He isolates how their various interactions with their chosen terms reflects a good deal of what is said within the various discourses that constitute what we have conveniently labelled often in mistakenly monolithic terms as Theology.By narrowing the scope of this study to the dynamics generated historically by these contrasting terms he also seeks to determine what exactly lies at the heart of theologys seemingly most treasured object: the presentation beyond any representation the supposed true nucleus of all revelation and what lies behind any search for a theology of immanence today.This book traces the concepts of the śmessianic and the ścanon as central terms upon which both philosophy and theology historically rely.Acknowledgements \ Introduction \ Part I: Between Philosophy and Theology \ 1. The Legacy of an Antinomian Messianism within a Jewish Historical Context \ 2. Jacques Derrida and Giorgio Agamben on the Processes of Messianicity and Canonicity \ Conclusions formulated on the basis of Part I: Recognizing the Challenges of a Political Theology of Immanence \ Part II: The Radical Hermeneutics of Theology \ 3. The Violence of the Canon: A Contemporary Context for the Canonical Form \ 4. The Necessity of Hermeneutics \ Conclusions formulated on the basis of Part II \ Conclusion \ Notes \ Bibliography \ IndexThis text is particularly helpful as an exposition of how this general theme develops in the work of scholars and topics of contemporary interest: Agamben Assmann Benjamin Butler Derrida Ricouer Scholem and Taubes ... All in all this book will be of interest to philosophers and theologians working in the area of contemporary continental social theory associated with the work of Agamben and his circle.In this impressive new book Dickinson sets forth a compelling agenda for a radical theological hermeneutics. With excellent and detailed readings of Agamben Derrida Benjamin Ricoeur and Butler Between Canon and Messiah reconfigures our map of contemporary philosophy and theology.

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