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This landmark study in the sociology of religion sheds new light on the question of what has happened to religion and spirituality since the 1960s in modern societies. Exposing several analytical weaknesses of todays sociology of religion (Un)Believing in Modern Society presents a new theory of religioussecular competition and a new typology of ways of being religious/secular. The authors draw on a specific European society (Switzerland) as their test case using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to show how the theory can be applied. Identifying four ways of being religious/secular in a modern society: institutional alternative distanced and secular they show how and why these forms have emerged as a result of religioussecular competition and describe in what ways all four forms are adapted to the current individualized society.Preface: Introduction: religion and spirituality in the mesociety Jrg Stolz and Judith Knemann: A theory of religioussecular competition Jrg Stolz and Judith Knemann: Four forms of (un)belief Jrg Stolz and Mallory SchneuwlyPurdie: Identity and social structure Jrg Stolz and Mallory SchneuwlyPurdie: Belief knowledge experience action Mallory Schneuwly Purdie and Jrg Stolz: Values and change of values Jrg Stolz and Thomas Englberger: Major churches evangelical churches and alternativespiritual suppliers Jrg Stolz and Thomas Englberger: The perception and evaluation of religion(s) Jrg Stolz and Thomas Englberger: The change in religiosity spirituality and secularity Jrg Stolz Thomas Englberger Michael Krggeler Judith Knemann and Mallory Schneuwly Purdie: Conclusion: (un)believing in modern society Jrg Stolz and Judith Knemann: Appendix:While many sociologists of religion use the ideas of competition and a spiritual marketplace to explain the growth of religion Stolz and colleagues use market theory to explain what they see as the growing secularization of society. ReligionWatch December 2016Jrg Stolz is Professor of Sociology of Religion at the University of Lausanne Switzerland. Substantively he works on the description and explanation of different forms of religiosity evangelicalism secularization and comparison of religious groups across religious traditions. Judith Knemann is Professor of Practical Theology in the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Mnster Germany. She works on the description and explanation of various forms of individual religiosity and religion in the public sphere. Mallory Schneuwly Purdie holds a PhD in Sociology of Religion and Applied Study of Religion. She is a researcher at the Institute for the Social Sciences of Religions at the University of Lausanne Switzerland. Thomas Englberger has worked on the description of religiosity in Switzerland especially on Roman Catholicism and on the pluralisation of values and religiosity. Michael Krggeler PhD is a sociologist of religion who has worked both quantitatively and qualitatively o

Data Publikacji: 2015-12-28
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