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Rader Andrew


Simon & Schuster UK

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Andrew Rader'is a Mission Manager at SpaceX. He holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from MIT specialising in longduration spaceflight. In 2013 he won the Discovery Channels competitive television series Canadas Greatest KnowItAll. He also cohosts the weekly podcast'Spellbound which covers topics from science to economics to history and psychology.'Beyond the Known'is Raders first book for adults. You can find him at AndrewRader.com.From brilliant young polymath Andrew Rader :&ndash: :an MITcredentialled scientist popular podcast host and SpaceX mission manager &ndash: an illuminating chronicle of exploration that spotlights humans&rsquo: insatiable desire to continually push into new and uncharted territory from civilisation&rsquo:s earliest days to current planning for interstellar travelBrilliant young polymath Andrew Rader provides a stunning history of human exploration and assesses where our desire to explore could take us next.'Beyond the Known is an engaging fullcolour route map showing us how we got here and where we&rsquo:re now destined to go.''A thrilling and irresistible history of human exploration Andrew Rader&rsquo:s :Beyond the Known :shows as much admiration for the Polynesians who conquered the Pacific in outrigger canoes as for the astronauts who will take us to distant planets. :  :Celebrating discoverers from every continent this is world history at its best.''In Beyond the Known Andrew Rader achieves something almost as ambitious as the pioneers he writes about: he retraces the 10000year history of exploration from the Stone Age to the Space Age in a single booksized expedition. : :As the centuries flew by I learned something new on every page.''Scintillating coruscating Beyond the Known shows just how powerful the human urge to travel to explore to move always has been and always will be. It is a light :on the past and :for the future.''Andrew Rader&rsquo:s Beyond the Known is a smashing narrative about the history the promise and the innately human drive to explore from antiquity to today to the coming Star Trek era. I could not put it down!''Has an air of authority as well as a lively pace&hellip:.Good scientific speculation that will leave readers yearning to see how it turns out. An astute and :highly flattering view of human aspirations.'

Data Publikacji: 2019-11-12
Wymiary: 234 mm 153 mm 25.5 mm

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