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Historical Perspective. On Cataract in Conjunction with Scleroderma. Werners Syndrome (Progeria of the Adult) and Rothmunds Syndrome: Two Types of Closely Related Heredofamilial Atrophic Dermatoses with Juvenile Cataracts and Endocrine Features: a Critical Study with Five New Cases. Werners Syndrome: A Review of its Symptomatology Natural History Pathologic Features Genetics and Relationship to the Natural Aging Process. Werner Syndrome: A Review of Recent Research with an Analysis of Connective Tissue Metabolism Growth Control of Cultured Cells and Chromosomal Aberrations. Clinical Pathological and Genetic Aspects of the Werner Syndrome and Normal Human Aging. Genetics and Aging: Werners Syndrome as a Segmental Progeroid Syndrome. Clinical Endocrine and Metabolic Aspects of the Werner Syndrome Compared with Those of Normal Aging. Pathology of the Werner Syndrome. Neuropathology of the Werner Syndrome. Werners Syndrome and Aging: A Reappraisal. A Comparison of Adult and Childhood Progerias: Werner Syndrome and HutchinsonGilford Progeria Syndrome. Clinical Demographic and Genetic Aspects of the Werner Syndrome in Japan. Immunological Aspects of the Werners Syndrome: An Analysis of 17 Patients. Clinical and Metabolic Studies on the Werners Syndrome: With Special Reference to Disorders of Lipid and Liver Function. Growth Control of Werner Syndrome Cells In Vitro. Growth Characteristics of Werner Syndrome Cells in Vitro. Studies of SV40Infected Werner Syndrome Fibroblasts. Experimental Studies on Werners Syndrome Fibroblasts. Cell Fusion Studies in the Werner Syndrome. Cell Fusion Studies and Biochemical Analysis of DNA Synthesis in Werner and NonWerner Cultured Cells. Molecular Mechanisms of Cellular Senescence: DNA Metabolism and Chromatin Change. Histone H1 in G1 Arrested Senescent and Werner Syndrome Fibroblasts. Genome Reorganization During Aging of Dividing Cells. Cellular Mechanisms of Ageing in the Werner Syndrome. Autoradiographic Studies of DNA Replication in Werners Syndrome Cells. Abnormal Fibroblast Aging and DNA Replication in the Werner Syndrome. Extrachromosomal Circular DNA and Aging Cells. Molecular Mechanisms of Cellular Senescence: Errors in Protein Synthesis. Protein Synthetic Fidelity in Aging Human Fibroblasts. Analysis of Cellular Senescence through Detection and Assessment of RNAs and Proteins Important to Gene Expression: Transfer RNAs and Autoimmune Antigens. Cytogenetics of the Werner Syndrome. Cytogenetic Aspects of Werner Syndrome. A Population and Cytogenetic Study of the Werner Syndrome in Sardinia. Connective Tissue Metabolism and Disturbances in the Werner Syndrome. Proteoglycans in the Werner Syndrome and Aging: A Review and Perspective. Cell Surface Changes in Senescent and Werners Syndrome Fibroblasts: Their Role in Cell Proliferation. Acidic Glycosaminoglycans in Werners Syndrome: Studies on Levels in Tissue Organ Cell and Fluid. Acidic Glycosaminoglycans of SV40Transformed Werner

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