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1. Erythropoiesis In Vitro: A Brief Introduction. 2. ErythropoietinIndependence of Early Erythropoiesis and a TwoRegulator Model of Proliferative Control in the Hemopoietic System. 3. In Vitro Modulation of Human Erythropoiesis by LymphocyteRich Fractions of Blood. 4. Cryogenic Preservation of Human and Murine Erythropoietic and Granulopoietic ColonyForming Cells. 5. Miniaturization of Methylcellulose Erythroid Colony Assay. 6. Culture Systems In Vitro for the Assay of Erythrocytic and Megakaryocytic Progenitors. Discussion (Chapters 16). 7. Cellular and Soluble Factors Influencing the Differentiation of Primitive Erythroid Progenitor Cells (BFUe) In Vitro. 8. The Effect of Sustained Hypertransfusion on Hematopoiesis. 9. Inhibitors of Erythropoiesis: Effects of Red Cell Extracts on Heme Synthesis and Erythroid Colony Formation in Human Bone Marrow Cultures. 10. Production of Erythroid Precursor Cells in LongTerm Culture of Mouse Bone Marrow Cells. 11. Production of Erythroid Precursor Cells (BFU) In Vitro. Discussion (Chapters 711). 12. Hormonal Modulation of Erythropoiesis In Vitro. 13. Regulatory Mechanisms of Erythroid Stem Cell Kinetics. 14. Hormonal Influences on Erythroid Colony Growth in Culture. 15. A Lack of BurstForming Unit (BFUe) and LymphocyteMediated Suppression of Erythropoiesis in Patients with Aplastic Anemia. 16. Pharmacological Agents and Erythroid Colony Formation: Effect of BetaAdrenergic Agonists and Steroids. 17. In Vitro Assessment of Similarities between Erythroid Precursors of Fetal Sheep and Patients with Polycythemia Vera. Discussion (Chapters 1217). 18. Murine Erythroleukemia: Cell Surface and Cell CycleRelated Events of Induced Differentiation. 19. Regulation of Heme Biosynthesis in Mouse Friend VirusTransformed Cells in Culture. 20. Comparative Studies on Hemopoietic Stem Cell Pools in Mice after Friend (FVP) or Rauscher Virus Infection. 21. Studies on Erythroid Differentiation in a WildType and DimethylsulfoxideResistant Clone of Friend VirusTransformed Cells: Effects of Hemin Hemoglobin and Erythropoietin. 22. Induction of Uroporphyrinogen1 Synthase Activity in MitogenStimulated Lymphocytes: Deficient Induction in Acute Intermittent Porphyria Cells. 23. Potential for Differentiation Virus Production and Tumorigenicity in Murine Erythroleukemic Cells Treated with Interferon. 24. Kinetics of Erythroid and Myeloid CFU Following Rauscher Virus Infection. Discussion (Chapters 1824). 25. The Role of Serum Inhibitors of Erythroid ColonyForming Cells in the Mechanism of the Anemia of Renal Insufficiency. 26. Modulatory Effect of Macrophages on Erythropoiesis. Discussion (Chapters 2526). 27. Extrarenal Erythropoietin. 28. In Vitro Aspects of Erythropoietin Production. 29. Renal and Extrarenal Erythropoietin Production in Anemia. 30. Recent Advances in Erythropoietin Physiology. Discussion (Chapters 2730). Ap

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