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The more we learn about bees the more extraordinary they seem. They have five eyes and beat their wings at almost 200 cycles per second. And to communicate with each other bees do make sounds but also dance. This book packed with over 30 figures gives a fascinating insight into the extraordinary complex and highly organised world of bees. The author K. Weiss explains the critical role that bees and beekeeping play for human society and offers advice for those interestedchapter1 Bees in the Animal Kingdom and in Earths History 1 chapter2 The BeeAn Insect chapter3 What Does SocialŁ Mean in the Animal Kingdom? 25 Anonymous Societies 26 Family Associations 28 The Insect Colony 30 Social Classifications 34 chapter4 The Traits of Bees and Their System chapter5 Solitary Bees and Social Development 45 Solitary Bees 45 On the Way to a Colony Unique Mating Behavior 75 Threats from Outside and Enemies Within the Ranks 77 chapter6 Bumblebees and Stingless Bees Bumblebees Stingless Bees 97 84 83 63 35 15 chapter7 On the Summit of Social Insect Life 7 The Genus Apis: Species and Races The Domestic Honeybee The Comb The Colony and Its Individuals Brood Rearing and Division of Labor What Holds a Colony Together 8 How New Colonies Originate Sensory Capabilities 2 Artists of Orientation The Language of Honeybees 8 chapter8 Nest Aids for Wild Bees 145 Abridged Bibliography and Further Reading 1 Index 155 15 13 136 13 130 12 126 122 118 118 108 10 Preface People generally think of bees as insects that fly out of hives and make us honey. Actually there are many different kinds of bees most of which live relatively hidden from our view. Maybe some of us are familiar with bumblebees but who would recognize the solitary bees which considerably o number the social bees? These littleobserved bees are often dubbed wild beesŁ to distinguish them fromBees in the Animal Kingdom and in Earths History. The BeeAn Insect. What Does SocialŁ Mean in the Animal Kindgom?. The Traits of Bees and Their System. Solitary Bees and Social Development. Bumblebees and Stingless Bees. On the Summit of Social Insect Life. Nest Aid''From the reviews:'/''''/'''The authors Karl Weiss and Carlos H. Vergara give a startling view into the surprisingly complex and highly organized world of bees. The book describes not only the evolution of our honeybee but also of dozens of types of wild bees. It sheds light on bee society with its amazing rituals related to work reproduction defense of the hive and most amazingly communication and it even provides helpful advice for those interested in helping bees nest. (Science in Africa November 2002)'/'''This book introduces bees in a nontechnical style understandable to general readers. This reviewer found it enjoyable and learned many interesting facts. Recommended to anyone who wants to learn more about bees . (R. C. Graves Choice February 2003)'/'''This charming introduction written for a general audience is primarily devot

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