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Portmann John


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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John Portmann is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia USA.Dispels the notion that Catholic nonobservance is to be explained simply as a function of laziness.Articulates dissent culture: Catholics increasingly defining for themselves how to practise Catholicism without abandoning Rome.Offers a unique insight into contemporary Catholic experiences in the US of which Roman Catholics comprise the largest faith community.This study of American Catholicism summarizes a widespread contemporary tendency to adapt traditional spirituality to a world of moral diversity to hold onto some essential portions of religious experience in an increasingly secular world. Catholic Culture in the USA articulates what is perhaps only implicit in other scholarship with regard to how theological teachings trickle down from the Vatican and influence decisions about food marriage sex community celebrations and medical care. John Portmann defends these Catholic dissidents and explores alternative expressions of Catholic devotion. Taking a holistic approach the author indicates cultural change as resulting from interaction among individual rights assertions grassroots mobilization scholarly production and legislative innovation.This study of Catholicism articulates how theological teachings trickle down from the Vatican and influence decisions about food marriage sex community celebrations and medical care.Introduction1. Who are Cultural Catholics?2. European Origins3. Weddings Baptisms and Funerals4. A Brief History of Catholic Dissent in the US5. A Popes Apology6. What Would the Virgin Mary Do?7. Family RomancesPostscriptNotesIndexReviewed in the Church Times.The sociological approach to Roman Catholicism used to favor regular church attendance and doctrinal conformity as the two most relevant benchmarks of the alleged religious involvement of the faithful. Exploring the composite nebula of the cultural Catholics who claim to a Catholic identity without conforming themselves to the ecclesiastical standards John Portmanns book offers a vivid and renewed overview of the internal plurality of Roman Catholicism and enlarges the sociological approach to its normative system. Professor DaniĘle HervieuLęger Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales Paris France and author of Religion as a Chain of MemoryAn important avenue of inquiry. ... [Portmans] questions are excellent and his accommodating tone is admirable. Catholic Herald... creative and often thoughtprovoking.

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