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P>Although enterprise mobility is in high demand across domains an absence of experts who have worked on enterprise mobility has resulted in a lack of books on the subject. STRONG>A Comprehensive Guide to Enterprise Mobility/STRONG> fills this void. It supplies authoritative guidance on all aspects of enterprise mobilityfrom technical aspects and applications to implementation.The book introduces basic concepts such as enterprise mobility adoption strategy and user requirements in mobility. Illustrating the technical aspects of enterprise mobility it analyzes the key features and challenges in developing mobility solutions for various domains. The text is organized into four sections:/P>OL>LI>Mobility Concepts/: supplies a solid foundation in enterprise mobility from strategy definition to deployment of enterprise mobility solutions/LI>LI>Mobile Solutions and Case Studies/: introduces readers to the applications of enterprise mobility across a wide range of industry sectors/LI>LI>Mobile Application Development/: supplies an overview of popular mobile platforms and mobile programming languages/LI>LI>Technology Considerations in Mobility/: details hybrid and supporting technologies in enterprise mobility/LI>/OL>P>The books case studies illustrate the complete lifecycle in the development of mobility solutions including the high level requirements architecture and design principles for each use case. Demonstrating how to put the concepts covered into practice the text details the application of mobility solutions across various domains including the healthcare retail airline and pharmaceutical industries.P>MOBILITY CONCEPTS/P>STRONG>P>Emergence of Enterprise Mobility /STRONG>Introduction Developments in Web Standards Advances in Wireless Networking Technology Innovations in Mobile Device Platforms Conclusion Additional Reading /P>P>/P>STRONG>P>Enterprise Mobility Landscape /STRONG>Introduction Mobile Solution Types Key Players in the Mobility Landscape Mobile Handsets Challenges in Enterprise Mobility Conclusion Additional Reading /P>P>/P>STRONG>P>Enterprise Mobility Adoption /STRONG>Introduction Key Decision Factors in Defining a Mobility Adoption Strategy Steps to Defi ne Mobility Adoption Strategy Conclusion Additional Reading /P>B>P>/P>/B>STRONG>P>Mobile as an Effective Marketing Channel /STRONG>Introduction Key Features of Mobile to Be Accounted in Marketing Types of Mobile Marketing :Integrated Mobile Marketing :Conclusion Additional Reading /P>B>P>/P>/B>STRONG>P>Enterprise Mobility Layers :/STRONG>Introduction Enterprise Mobility Model :Enterprise Mobility Solution Layers :Conclusion Additional Reading /P>B>P>/P>/B>STRONG>P>Mobility Solution Architecture /STRONG>Introduction Thin Client Solution Architecture Thick Client Solution Architecture Conclusion Additional Reading/P>STRONG>P>/P>P>Mobility Significance and Solution Lifecycle /STRONG>Introduction Significance of Mobility Solution Lifecycle Conclusion Additional

Data Publikacji: 2012-10-24
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