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Taylor and Francis

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P>Going beyond the technological building blocks of 3DTV STRONG>3D Television (3DTV) Technology Systems and Deployment: /STRONG>STRONG>Rolling Out the Infrastructure for NextGeneration Entertainment/STRONG> offers an early view of the deployment and rollout strategies of this emerging technology. It covers cuttingedge advances theories and techniques in endtoend 3DTV systems to provide a systemlevel view of the topic and what it takes to make this concept a commercial reality./P>P>/P>P>The book reflects the fullrange of questions being posed about postproduction 3D mastering delivery options and home screens. It reviews fundamental visual concepts supporting stereographic perception of 3DTV and considers the various stages of a 3DTV system including capture representation coding transmission and display./P>P>/P>UL>P>LI>Presents new advances in 3DTV and display techniques/LI>LI>Includes a 24page color insert /LI>LI>Identifies standardization activities critical to broad deployment/LI>LI>Examines a different stage of an endtoend 3DTV system in each chapter /LI>LI>Considers the technical details related to 3DTVincluding compression and transmission technologies/LI>P>/P>/UL>P>Discussing theory and application the text covers both stereoscopic and autostereoscopic techniquesthe latter eliminating the need for special glasses and allowing for viewer movement. It also examines emerging holographic approaches which have the potential to provide the truest threedimensional images. The book contains the results of a survey of a number of advocacy groups to provide a clear picture of the current state of the industry research trends future directions and underlying topics.P>STRONG>Some Basic Fundamentals of Visual Science/STRONG> Stereo Vision ConceptsParallax ConceptsOther ConceptsAppendix 2A: Analytical 3D Aspects of the Human Visual System /P>P>/P>P>STRONG>Application of Visual Science Fundamental s to 3DTV /STRONG>Application of the Science to 3D Projection/3DTVAutostereoscopic ViewingOther LongerTerm SystemsViewer Physiological Issues with 3D ContentConclusion and Requirements of Future 3DTV/P>P>/P>P>STRONG>Basic 3DTV Approaches for Content Capture and Mastering /STRONG>General Capture Mastering and Distribution Process3D Capture Mastering and Distribution ProcessOverview of Network Transport Approaches MPEG Standardization Efforts Appendix 4A: Additional Details on 3D Video FormatsŃ/P>P>STRONG>3D Basic 3DTV Approaches and Technologies for InHome Display of Content/STRONG>Connecting the InHome Source to the Display 3DTV Display TechnologyOther Display TechnologiesAppendix 5A: Primer on Cables/Connectivity for HighEnd Video/P>P>/P>P>STRONG>3DTV Advocacy and SystemLevel Research Initiatives/STRONG>3D Consortium (3DC) 3D@Home Consortium3D Media Cluster 3DTV 210Challenges and Players in the 3DTV Universe/P>P>/P>P>Glossary /P>P>IndexP>STRONG>Mr. Minoli/STRONG> has done extensive work in video engineering design and implementation over the years. The

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