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E. Dawes Daniel


Johns Hopkins University Press

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In this groundbreaking book healthcare attorney Daniel E. Dawes explores the secret backstory of the Affordable Care Act shedding light on the creation and implementation of the greatest and most sweeping equalizer in the history of American health care. An eyeopening and authoritative narrative written from an insiders perspective 150 Years of ObamaCare debunks contemporary understandings of health reform. It also provides a comprehensive and unprecedented review of the health equity movement and the littleknown leadership efforts that were crucial to passing public policies and laws reforming mental health minority health and universal health.An instrumental player in a large coalition of organizations that helped shape ObamaCare Dawes tells the story of the Affordable Care Act with urgency and intimate detail. He reveals what went on behind the scenes by including copies of letters and emails written by the people and groups who worked to craft and pass the law. Dawes explains the law through a health equity lens focusing on what it is meant to do and how it affects various groups. Ultimately he argues that ObamaCare is much more comprehensive in the context of previous reform efforts than is typically understood.In an increasingly polarized political environment health reform has been caught in the cross fire of the partisan struggle making it difficult to separate fact from fiction. Offering unparalleled and complete insight into the efforts by the Obama administration Congress and external stakeholders 150 Years of ObamaCare illuminates one of the most challenging legislative feats in the history of the United States.Putting the struggle to pass and implement the Affordable Care Act into historic perspective is a valuable contribution to understanding how difficult this effort has been and how significant the passage of health reform is for the citizens and the economy of our country. Daniel Dawes brings to life the extraordinary efforts of advocates lawmakers and citizens to increase access to quality health care for those who have long been marginalized and excluded. 150 years of Obamacare is an important and comprehensive volume Kathleen Sebelius former Secretary of Health and Human ServicesIn this groundbreaking work Dawes cuts through the noise by combining a history of past public policies and the health equity movement in America with his intimate knowledge of the ACA. He puts the law into context and powerfully explains what is at stake in the future for health reform Andrew Young AmbassadorIn extending health insurance coverage to millions of people the Affordable Care Act is a gamechanger for those with mental health and substance use disorders. Daniel Dawes tells the story of how the law was developed and passed and its role in reshaping American health care. An illuminating study for anyone who cares about health equity! Patrick J. Kennedy former Congressman author of A Common Struggle150 Years of ObamaCare is a

Data Publikacji: 2016-04-15
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