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Taylor and Francis

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P>STRONG>Global Demand for Streamlined Design and Computatio/STRONG>n The explosion of wireless communications has generated a tidal wave of interest and development in computational techniques for electromagnetic simulation as well as the design and analysis of RF and microwave circuits. /P>P>/P>P>STRONG>Learn About Emerging Disciplines StateoftheArt Methods2D Electromagnetic Simulation of Passive Microstrip Circuits/STRONG> describes this simple procedure in order to provide basic knowledge and practical insight into quotidian problems of microstrip passive circuits applied to microwave systems and digital technologies. The text dissects the latest emerging disciplines and methods of microwave circuit analysis carefully balancing theory and stateoftheart experimental concepts to elucidate the process of analyzing highspeed circuits. The author covers the newer techniques such as the study of signal integrity within circuits and the use of field map interpretations employed in powerful electromagnetic simulation analysis methods. /P>P>/P>P>But why and how does the intrinsic twodimensional simulation model used here reduce numerical error? /P>P>/P>P>STRONG>StepbyStep Simulation Provides Insight and Understanding/STRONG>The author presents the FDTD electromagnetic simulation method used to reproduce different microstrip test circuits as well as an explanation of the complementary electrostatic method of moments (MoM). Each reproduces different microstrip test circuits that are physically constructed and then studied using a natural methodological progression to facilitate understanding. This approach gives readers a solid comprehension and insight into the theory and practical applications of the microstrip scenario with emphasis on highspeed interconnection elements.b>Methods of Electromagnetic Simulation/b> Two and ThreeDimensional FDTD Models b>The Method of Moments/b> The Basic Concept Some Circular Geometries b>Analysis of Passive Microstrip Circuits/b> The Equivalent Circuit of a Uniform Transmission Line The Analysis of Some Microstrip Passive Test Circuits b>The FiniteDifference TimeDomain Method (FDTD)/b> The Wave Propagation Equations The Boundary Conditions The Sources b>Simulation of Passive Microstrip Circuits/b> Correction of Amplitude Escalates and Frequency Shifts Implementation of the Codes Transmission Parameters b>Measurement of Passive Microstrip Circuits/b> Simple Microstrip Transmission Line Synchronous Impedance Transformer Nonsynchronous Impedance Transformer RightAngle Bend Discontinuity LowPass Filter TwoStub FourPort Directional Coupler b>Field Map Applications/b> The Graphical Constitutive Pieces or Building Blocks b>Signal Integrity Applications/b> The Transient Behavior of a Transmission Line

Data Publikacji: 2008-11-03
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